Top Career Paths in Singapore

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Career Paths in Singapore

Top Career Paths in Singapore

Given the fact that Singapore has a very high cost of living rate when compared to the rest of Asia, it is important for many Singaporeans to have a rewarding, full-time career.

In this article, we will tell you how to start career paths in Singapore, the job titles, and industries that are the most in-demand and the most well-paying. 

Starting your Career Path in Singapore

Training and education

Depending on the type of career you are looking to start, you might consider taking some specialized training and education courses to stand out from the rest. Many careers that earn top dollar for their employees will likely require higher education in the form of a business, science, or arts degree, or even a doctoral degree.

Singapore has been featured on many international lists of the countries with the greatest education systems, and it consistently maintains its ranking year after year. 

When starting a career journey in Singapore, it is important to have a college or university degree––especially if you hope to secure many of the highest-paying jobs in the country (more on that later). There are many great colleges and universities in Singapore in which to learn specialized and general knowledge that will prepare you for a great and rewarding career. Each institute of learning has much to offer for those with the discipline and drive to obtain specific training, diplomas, certificates, degrees, and doctorates, whatever and wherever your career journey takes you. 

Find help with career centers

There are plenty of resources available across the country for helping qualified (and even beginner) job seekers find employment in Singapore. Whatever your level of education, skills, training, or availability, there is a job site to help place you where you need to be. 


GrabJobs is the best option for hiring in Singapore. It is a cost-effective recruitment solution that automates sourcing, screening, and interviewing of candidates––and includes over 5,000 companies using the job platform to simplify their hiring process. Auto-generated job seeker profiles mean that users can begin applying for new jobs in under a minute, making it great for employers looking to hire quickly and easily.  

Other great career platforms and job sites in Singapore to consider include:

Demonstrate the qualities of a great employee

If you are just starting on your career journey, your experience is likely low. So, in order to impress any potential employers, especially during a job interview, it is best to exhibit some of the top qualities business owners are looking for. 

  • Strong communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict management abilities 
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Confidence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Dedication

Careers With the Most Job Opportunities in Singapore

If you are looking to grow your career in Singapore, you’ll need to know where to start. And which positions are best aligned with your long-term lifestyle plans. Here’s a breakdown of the career paths in Singapore that have the greatest growth opportunities. 




Science and Technology (Software Engineer, ITS Architect, Systems Analyst)


Business and Finance (Chief Executive Officer, Finance Manager, Accountant)


Hospitality (Airline Pilot, Hospitality Manager, Server, Bartender)


Administration (Human Resource Manager, Project Manager)


Education and Language (Professor, Tutor, English Teacher)

Top Career Paths in Singapore

Top companies hiring:, AIA Singapore, IBM, TikTok, JAC Singapore 

Average annual salary: S$68,000 

Job description: Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has become extremely popular in Singapore, and the world, in the past ten years. These in-demand jobs require technical and computer skills like programming languages, signal processing, and machine learning. 

Top companies hiring: Jameson Legal, G2 Legal Limited, Citibank, Babel Asia

Average annual salary: S$425,000

Job description: Lawyers provide legal services to people in need––and they are typically compensated based on how valuable they are to their clients, depending on the degree of seriousness in which they find themselves, the higher they’ll pay to have a more experienced and knowledgeable attorney to represent them in court. Even lawyers who specialize in reading wills, buying/selling a property, or putting together contracts are well-paid because of the importance of the work involved.

Top companies hiring: Chainstack, Credit Suisse, Thoughtworks, Sinovision Technology

Average annual salary: S$360,000

Job description: The demand for Software Engineers has been steadily growing since the boom of the tech age. These useful positions employee engineers who can design, research, and create new software, while applying their user experience and scientific methods to create seamless software products.

Top companies hiring: Hudson, Nestle, Unilever, Nike

Average annual salary: S$341,000

Job description: Marketing directors lead managers and their curated teams of creative individuals to execute ad campaigns, analyze results, and help businesses expand their reach to get in front of more customers and sell more products or services.

Top companies hiring: SP Group, Luxoft Singapore, Visa

Average annual salary: S$475,000

Job description: An effective Systems Analyst (or Data Analyst) collects and stores information on sales numbers, market research, logistics, and other online behaviors. Qualified candidates provide technical expertise and organizational skills to ensure the quality and accuracy of that data before presenting it to help people and businesses make more informed work decisions.

Top companies hiring: Kerry Consulting, Page Personnel, Frazer Jones, CGP Singapore

Average annual salary: S$295,000

Job description: Human Resource Directors are in charge of a list of daily tasks that keep a company running, like hiring employees, handling interpersonal issues, and ensuring employees have good mental well-being while in the working environment. Many companies across the globe use these types of positions to run efficient organizations, and they are very well compensated. Visit Whatishumanresource for more information about HR!

Top companies hiring: Vizzio Technologies, Manulife, Citibank, AIA Singapore Private Ltd.

Average annual salary: S$290,000

Job description: A highly demanding job that requires considerable training and technical skills, an ITS (Information Technology Systems) Director helps solve computer issues at the highest level while also helping to develop and/or test software applications while troubleshooting and utilizing specialized skills like coding and writing.

Top companies hiring: GovTech Singapore, Hitachi, CloudGo

Average annual salary: S$270,000

Job description: An effective Project Manager plans and allocates resources for a company, as well as prepares budgets, monitors project statuses, and ensures that stakeholders are kept well-informed throughout a project’s life cycle.

Top companies hiring: Zenith Infotech, OCBC Bank, Lumitics, Manpower Singapore 

Average annual salary: S$255,000

Job description: Data programmers help to develop and test new or existing software applications for various businesses within multiple industries. They achieve this by utilizing specialized skills like coding, writing, testing, and analyzing all types of computer programs. The work is exciting and challenging, and the salaries are reflective of that. 

Top companies hiring: Horangi, Meta Alpha, National University of Singapore, Abbott Laboratories

Average annual salary: S$250,000

Job description: Finance managers are very well-paid due to the expertise required of all candidates, not to mention a strong knowledge of numbers, investments, and funds. Those who can also oversee the efficiency of their entire organization while being in charge of millions, sometimes, billions of other people’s hard-earned income are vital responsibilities that make these positions highly sought-after.

Search for The Top Career Paths Worth Pursuing in Singapore

There you have it! The most promising career paths including the most in-demand and well-paying jobs and industries in Singapore. Everybody’s career path is unique to their specific situation. If you are looking to get the ball rolling in pursuit of your professional dreams, let GrabJobs help. Not in Singapore? Discover how GrabJobs can assist you, wherever you are.  

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