The best digital nomad hubs in Thailand

The best digital nomad hubs in Thailand

When working remotely, most of us had to attend online meetings. Some of us liked to play with our virtual backgrounds and choose vacation spots. With borders slowly opening up, these vacation backgrounds are turning into a reality. For those that thought of Thailand, here’s a list of the best digital nomad hubs in Thailand!


Digital nomads are individuals who love to travel and work from anywhere around the globe. This allows them the flexibility to visit places of interest and still pull in a decent income at the same time. 


With so many of us having been stuck in a single spot for quite some time now, the option to work like digital nomads are being considered increasingly around the world. Some businesses are also supporting this transition where they hire employees from around the world – so long as these employees are able to get the work done. 


With that being said, one of the most popular choices amongst digital nomads for a good spot is Thailand. After all, there are numerous spots within the country to explore! In this article, you’d be able to take a look at some of the best digital nomad hubs in Thailand!


A word of caution:

A word of caution before we delve into the article: this written piece aims to function as a guide and should not be read as a comprehensive or exhaustive list of advice when it comes to relocating for work purposes. The best way to find out what may work for your success would be by conducting ample research. 

Browsing through this article could function as the first step you take into exploring different ways as to how you can work remotely! If you’re seriously considering Thailand as your next destination, check out this Ultimate Guide to: Becoming a Digital Nomad in Thailand with our partners Aster Lion.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the article!

The Best Digital Nomad Hubs in Thailand

1. Bangkok

Ranked as one of the most popular cities in Asia for digital nomads, it’s almost a no-brainer that Bangkok has to be on the list! 

With numerous co-working spaces like Hubba and WeWork having been established in Bangkok, remote workers should definitely consider this option. Plus, with its bustling night-life and amazing street food options, you’d have much to explore as a tourist too!

Not to mention, there are many professional communities of people you can reach out to, should you ever feel the need to widen your network! It’s also a relatively affordable space to move to.


Lots of pros, indeed.

2. Phuket

Not just a favourite vacation spot for everyone, Phuket is also a popular digital nomad hub for expats in Thailand too!

For those concerned about safety, Phuket ranks on top of the list too. Avoid the too popular touristy-areas, and it’s an affordable space to live in as well. 

When it comes to finding a suitable work space, Hatch and Garage Society are infamous options amongst remote workers living in Thailand. When all the work is done and it’s time to play, Phuket has endless options of activities to participate in too!

Definitely a win-win situation here.

3. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai most definitely needs to be on this list. And for good reasons too!

As a spot popular for vacation, there’s much to uncover in Chiang Mai. Numerous temples await a visit and the greenery allows every remote working individual a chance to seek respite from work and city life.

As with regards to a place where you can get some work done, there are some available options too. Perhaps, the most popular choice is Punspace! That’s if you want a more proper work environment, of course. 

Like to have some good coffee and pastries while working? Well then, there’s plenty of cafés you’d want to work at too! Wifi is available almost everywhere and the cost of living is affordable as well. 

Definitely worth checking out Chiang Mai, indeed.

To wrap things up...

In conclusion, there are numerous places you can consider relocating to when working remotely. Thailand is a popular choice and within the country itself, there are many different places one can check out. 


We hope the above list of 3 options provide you with a rough idea of where to get started. And of course, while you’re at it, you can always hop from one digital nomad hub to the next to make the most out of your stay in Thailand. 


After all, each city will have its own perks and benefits to offer! 


With all that being said, we have to come to the end of this article. We hope this written piece has provided you with some insights as to which are some of the best digital nomad hubs in Thailand!

In the meantime, if you’re on the lookout for other job opportunities or a side-hustle, read on! 😉

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