Candidate Experience & Engagement


Always tell candidates what to expect next and keep them informed every step of the way.
Cultivate your candidate experience and make hiring a two-way street with improved engagement.

01 Instant Applicant Engagement

Instant Applicant Engagement

Deliver an outstanding application experience to your candidates. Custom your automated messages responses for applicants moving up your recruitment pipeline.

  • Make your messages personal & engaging for a unique candidate experience
  • Notify applicants of their progress so they stay involved in the process
  • Tell candidates what to expect next as they move ahead in your hiring stages

Live Chat with Candidates

Engage your candidates better with instant messaging. Drive real-time and meaningful hiring conversations.

  • Connects you instantly to your candidates
  • Multi-task to speak to many candidates in the same time
  • Live chat is convenient for applicants to share documents
Live Chat
New_Online Employment Contract Management

Online Employment Contract Management

Make your staff onboarding digital and paperless by managing your candidate onboarding 100% online.

  • Onboard your candidates with digitized contract management
  • Streamline the job offer process in one place
  • Monitor your hires and provide an integrated candidate experience

Emails & SMS Blasts

Send personalized job invitations to thousands of candidates with simply designed and customizable emails & SMS blasts

  • User-friendly mass emailing & text messages right from your dashboard
  • Adjustable number of targeted messages to match your needs
  • Increased reach through phone notifications that ensure a high open-rate
Email & SMS Blasts

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ATS & Recruitment Automation

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Recruitment Analytics

Hire better with the right data