ATS & Recruitment Automation


User-friendly Applicant Tracking System that automates and streamlines your hiring process.
Track applicants across your own custom recruitment pipeline.

Centralized Applicant Tracking System

Easy-to-use ATS software to centralize your applicant profiles from all sources, keep track of progress and automate your hiring process.

Customize Your ATS Hiring Stages

From sourcing to onboarding, build your own talent pipeline for a smooth recruitment process automation.

Import Candidates

Upload your external candidate profiles from spreadsheets to your Applicant Tracking System for a full automation of your recruitment process.

End-to-End Recruitment Automation

Let your hiring process run on autopilot from sourcing to onboarding. Free yourself from the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of traditional recruitment.

Share profiles with your team

Send applicant profiles from your ATS to your team of decision-makers’ inbox, giving them an overview of your top candidate details.

Recruitment App to Hire on-the-go

Access your pool of applicants wherever you are with GrabJobs Mobile App.
Always keep your recruitment pipeline right in the palm of your hand.

Hire on-the-go with GrabJobs
Handshake of successful business partners after negotiation and signing new contract

Start Hiring Better, Faster

Stop spending long hours on recruitment, let GrabJobs automation work for you!

Interview Scheduling & Video Interviews

Improve your applicant show-up rate

Candidate Experience & Engagement

Make your applicant experience memorable