Recruitment Analytics


Stay up-to-date on your recruitment analytics with comprehensive dashboards and data-driven reports.

Real-time Dashboards

Real-time Recruitment Analytics Dashboards

Manage all of your recruitment efforts with a comprehensive Dashboard designed to show you the big picture and help prioritize accordingly.

  • Get real-time recruiting data statistics and detailed insights in a few clicks
  • Monitor your recruitment process and take actions accordingly
  • Listen to the suggestions of your 24/7 online GrabJobs coach

Intelligent Recruitment Reports

Get a snapshot of your recruitment metrics to share with your team, assess your hiring achievements and support your decisions with data-driven reports.

  • Optimize your recruiting process as you go with insightful metrics
  • Export recruitment analytics reports for a selected period of time
  • Compute your cost-per-hire, time-to-hire and applicants-per-hire
Intelligent Reports
New_Efficiency & Recruitment Metrics

Efficiency & Recruitment Metrics

Keep track of how automating your hiring process with GrabJobs positively impacts your company in the long run.

  • Keep track of cost saved and time saved on your recruitment efforts
  • Measure your conversion rates from applicants to hire in real-time
  • Focus on the recruitment tasks that really matters

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