5 Cutting-Edge Recruitment Features

In our technologically-driven age, some recruitment features give recruiters the advantage. Instead of settling for traditional job boards that are time-consuming and hard-to-navigate, recruiters are looking for hiring platforms and job portals that make the hiring cycle as hassle-free as possible. Revolutionizing and streamlining the hiring process is key, especially for teams that work with high-volume recruitment for part-timers.

If you’re looking for a better hiring platform, here are five recruitment features you should keep in mind:

1. One-Click Job Posting

Recruiters are sick of ’spray and pray’ methods, where they aim for the widest audience by spending precious hours pasting the job ad onto multiple sites. However, that method does provide the widest potential applicant pool, so most of us still aim for at least three different sites.

In that case, innovation can come in the form of automating that tedious process. Instead of manually going through each site’s job posting process, maximize your job ad exposure by choosing a site that posts not only on their own job platform, but also allows for multi-channel job posting. What this looks like is a simple click or checkbox option that will automatically post your job ad across a number of relevant job sites.

2. A.I. Assistance

Don’t you hate when your job posting gets eclipsed by other unrelated jobs on the job board? After all, it doesn’t make sense that your job ad for a part-time sales position would be pushed down the page by a full-time fresh grad position. If the applicants don’t filter the jobs properly, they could miss your job posting!

That’s where artificial intelligence can help. An A.I powered engine running in the background could make your job posting more prominent to potential candidates by pushing the most relevant jobs (i.e. your job ad) to them through notifications. You can stop posting at specific times in the day; the candidates won’t miss your job ads anymore.

An A.I powered engine can also help recruiters in sourcing; for example, once you post a job ad, it could scour the database of job seekers and suggest potential relevant candidates that match your job posting.

3. Chat Bot Integration

There are chat bots for every type of service; from transportation to food to customer service, chat bots have taken over many of the first touch-points between the consumer and the business.

Recruiters should take advantage of this as well; wouldn’t you want a chat bot that could help cut down the banal process of screening through a hundred incomplete CVs? Utilise pre-screening by immediately asking all applicants basic questions such as notice period, experience level, and work pass status.

After pre-screening candidates automatically, the platform should then proceed to rank all these candidates using attributes that are determined by you. So, if the primary factor is the ability to start work immediately, the platform will use the answers gathered by the chat bot to ensure that the candidates are ranked by how fast they can start work. The efficiency of chat bots make this one of the most sought after recruitment features.

4. Recruitment Automation

Don’t you hate scheduling interviews? There are just so many hoops to jump through; you have to make first contact (why don’t people pick up their phones?) , then you have to go back and forth in finding a good time for the interview, before then hoping that they don’t cancel and waste your time.

Ensure that your hiring platform removes this problem by employing interview schedulers. Instantly and automatically schedule interviews by choosing specific ‘interview time blocks’ that interviewees can pick from, which is then sent through an automated email system.

To increase show-up rates (and hence reduce no-shows), choose a platform that also sends automated reminders and notifications to the candidates a day before the interview; if they cancel or don’t reply, you’ll be able to plan your next day accordingly.

5. Tracking & Recruitment Analytics

All of the above features are great, but one question we all have: how can we keep track of everything?

Recruiters don’t have time to check a hundred different platforms a day; we need one that can handle and integrate with everything!

The most important feature you need, then, is a single platform that can help you automate as much of your recruitment process as possible, while keeping track of every single activity. A great job portal and job platform will be able to post across multiple websites, integrate with chat bots, automate interview scheduling, and track these candidates’ activity while providing data on your job posting.

Check out our Ultimate Recruitment Guide 2020 for a more up to date look at how to improve your recruitment efficiency!

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