The Most Cost-Effective Method Big Retailers Use to Find the Best Staff

One of the key industries that GrabJobs focuses on is Retail. Our solution helps Retail companies attract the best talent in less time and less cost. In previous articles, we explored 8 ways to maximize your number of applicants, as well as how to use Social Media and Branding Videos as a means to attract applicants.

Today we explore the most cost-effective method that the largest Retail companies use to find staff – that is oversized in-store posters with interview chatbot linked QR codes.


Why traditional “Now Hiring” posters don’t work

Displaying in-store posters to advertise jobs is the oldest way any brick-and-mortar store has ever used to attract applicants. It is almost costless, however a simple poster asking candidates to email their CV or call a number is by far not the most efficient way to maximize the number of applicants.

What’s wrong with email and phone number you ask? Drop-out rates! Email and phone call are a hassle for both job seekers and employers. Job seekers walking through your store are on-the-go and may not have a CV ready on their smartphone. It requires them to compose an email to HR and attach a CV – the drop-out rates for this method are huge! On the other hand, getting job seekers to call a HR number directly is a daunting task. It’s very similar to cold-calling, most people get nervous and end up not calling.

As a HR in charge of recruitment, receiving CVs or cold-calls is also not the most efficient way to screen applicants.

So how can you improve your in-store posters to make them more effective? Add an Interview Chatbot linked QR code and oversize them!

Why Interview Chatbot linked QR codes work

Getting people to scan a QR code is engaging, fast, and more fun than composing an email or calling a stranger. Linking the QR code to an Interview Chatbot means you can write attractive and engaging action statements on your poster such as “Scan code to Interview Now!” or “Get Interviewed Today, Scan the code below!”. Once the QR code scanned, a web chatbot automatically pop-ups on the applicants’ smartphone and engages them to respond to a few quick questions.

This takes less than 1 minute. If the answers given by the applicants satisfy the minimum requirements, they are automatically shown available timeslots for an in-person interview. For job seekers, this process is far from daunting. It is fast, engaging and fun!

For employers, it minimizes the number of drop-outs and maximizes the number of applicants received.

Now there are 2 crucial points to note for this to work:

  1. Size: to maximize results, your poster must be oversized. Anything A4 size and below may not be visible enough. You need a large size poster that is eye-catching and easy to spot.
  2. Position: your poster must be displayed at the entrance of your store so it is clearly visible to everyone who passes by your shop.

See below great examples from Uniqlo and Kate Spade stores.

Why is it cost-effective?

Your only costs are the one-time costs of printing a large poster and the setup of your interview chatbot.

You will then get hundreds of thousands of eyeballs (impressions) seeing your poster on a monthly basis for free!

Your Return on Investment is pretty much unlimited. Best of all, you will attract qualified Retail staff who are working in stores around yours.

The interview chatbot takes care of the screening and interview scheduling for you so you don’t waste any time having to read CVs or screening applicants over a phone call, thereby saving you hundreds of hours per month.

The combination of oversized poster and interview chatbot QRs is how large retailers such as Uniqlo and Kate Spade manage to hire the best applicants in a way that is completely hands-free for their hiring team. It is fast, cost effective and attracts quality talent.

How to Implement Chatbot QRs for your store?

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