4 Benefits Of Using Recruitment Videos To Attract Job Applicants

Tired of interviewing job candidates who didn’t do their research on your company? Are you sick of typing out the same ‘company culture’ description? Recruitment videos are here to change the way you post jobs and attract candidates!

As internet access becomes more widespread, attention span for online content has been dropping. A research project that was recently released shows that our urge for ‘newness’ causes us to switch between topics more regularly, leaving less time for each.

To counteract this trend, marketers and advertisers have explored new methods of getting information across, with video advertising and video marketing jumping to the forefront. From vlogs, to tutorial videos, and product demos, marketers have been utilising video to attract audiences and engage with them over a longer period of time.

Benefits of using video

1. Attract More Applicants

Today’s marketers and advertisers use video as an effective tool to attract and engage with customers. Videos are more engaging and it gives job seekers an insight on what a company is truly like compared to just reading job descriptions. Looking at the past 12 months of our job application data, we concluded that companies using a recruitment video to complement their job posts get 3x more applicants.

2. Showcase Your Company Culture

Since the company culture section of job postings tend to be easily ignored, it makes sense to make that section more interesting so that job applicants can be educated about the brand before applying. For potential job applicants who are on the fence about applying, seeing an engaging video could also tip the scales towards you, instead of a similar job posting.

3. Better Engagement

Let’s face it, black and white text job descriptions are boring and outdated. We live in an interactive world where attention spans keep getting shorter. Video is a great way to get job seekers to connect and engage with your brand within a very short time span.

4. Increase Brand Awareness

Our experience in recruitment process automation (RPA) has taught us that beyond the importance of automating the sourcing, screening, and interview process, it is also beneficial for recruiters and brands to invest in new technology such as videos in order to increase online brand awareness. Per the 2018 Recruiter Nation Survey by Jobvite, recruiters attract more candidates by focusing on building a stronger employer brand.

Watch this short & engaging Recruitment Video we created for Uniqlo – it generates 3x more Applicants than traditional job ads:

Want a similar video for your company? Simply reach out to us here

4 Types of Recruitment Videos

A recruitment video can take several forms, here are some types of videos we have created for clients to help them attract talent:

  1. Corporate video that showcases the company environment, culture and benefits
  2. “A day in the life of” follows an employee and showcases the day to day duties that the candidate will have to perform.
  3. Interview with Management or C-level executives focusing on the progression opportunities and how they climbed to where they are today
  4. Team specific videos that focus on the people that the candidate will be working with on a daily basis

Recruitment videos also provide great branding content for your Marketing team: they can be added and quoted in content blog articles as well as shared on social media channels to drum up engagement.

For large-scale recruiting events, recruitment corporate videos could also be played on screens, allowing potential job applicants to see what the work environment would be like before applying.

A competitive market means that every recruiter needs to work harder to attract qualified candidates. Videos could be the difference that convinces the candidate to click the ‘apply’ button.

Should you be keen to explore creating a Recruitment Video for your company, we can create and shoot a custom one for your company in under 2 weeks, simply reach out to us here and we’ll get back to you within the day.

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