Top 15 Job Sites to Hire Restaurant Staff in New Zealand

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New Zealand is a unique nation that, like its Australian neighbor, conjures images of lush green landscapes and scenic coastlines as far as the eye can see. There are also major urban areas, dedicated indigenous regions, and everything in between––but one of the major factors that contribute to the island nation’s robust GDP figure and moderate cost of living rate is the country’s reliance on hospitality and foreign tourism.

This article explores the state of the current New Zealand hiring market, specifically the food and beverage industry. Here, you will learn how to go about hiring staff, how much chefs and waitstaff earn, and the top job websites for sourcing the best talent in the country.

How to Hire Restaurant Staff in New Zealand

Looking to hire staff in New Zealand? You may want to know where you stand, legally. And what processes to follow in order to avoid fines and violations.

In New Zealand, hiring practices are governed by labor laws and regulations that are designed to protect employees’ rights and ensure fair employment opportunities. The primary legislation about hiring is the Employment Relations Act 2000, which establishes the rights and obligations of both employers and employees in various aspects of the employment relationship. This vital work covers matters such as minimum wage, leave entitlements, working hours and conditions, termination procedures, and collective bargaining. Employers must also adhere to anti-discrimination laws outlined in the Human Rights Act 1993 which prohibits bias on the subject of race, gender, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation during the hiring process.

Employers in New Zealand must also consider the health and safety laws as outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, which ensures that employers provide a safe work environment for their employees––foreign and domestic. Compliance with these legal documents not only ensures the protection of workers but also protects businesses from any legal repercussions.

What are the Best Restaurant Job Sites in New Zealand?

For employers and job seekers in New Zealand, GrabJobs is the place to connect for hospitality work. It is a very cost-effective job board and recruitment solution that is perfect for business owners looking to fill vacancies in bars, restaurants, and other venues thanks to its many features, including auto-sourcing and candidate screening. Plus, with over 5,000 companies using GrabJobs for their staffing solutions, its local and international reach means that there are plenty of eyes on your job postings at any given time. As for candidates, auto-generated profiles mean that users can start applying for new jobs in seconds, making it ideal for businesses looking to hire quickly and easily. 

2. Direction Recruitment

Direction Recruitment is a valuable resource for both job seekers and employers alike across the Northland region of New Zealand. Users can create personalized profiles outlining their skills and experiences before uploading their CVs. Employers can also benefit from Direction Recruitment’s extensive database of qualified candidates, which they can search through using specific criteria to identify the right fit for their organization––whether they are looking to fill permanent, temporary, or contract work positions.

3. Jora

One of New Zealand’s more popular search engines, Jora is a go-to source for quick and straightforward job opportunities in many of the country’s major urban areas, making it ideal for employers looking to hire qualified candidates fast. Extra resourcing can also be found on the site’s comprehensive blog section for job seekers looking to brush up on skills and CV writing; employers can also put together a simple posting that will find its way through many additional databases.

4. Suppremo

This hospitality-focus website is Auckland’s leading temporary online staffing agency for kitchen and other front-of-house professionals. Providing quality assistance for restaurants and catering companies for the past 10 years, Suppremo prides itself on hiring and fulfilling roles that provide quality staffing and kitchen help. Their focus is primarily on value, reputation, training, and, above all, turning part-time or one-off gigs into flourishing careers for qualified and dedicated job seekers. Employers can partner with Suppremo to ensure sourcing the most professional candidates in the country.

5. Snaphunt

This user-friendly web portal takes a new approach to the process of hiring top talent across New Zealand. Using the latest technology, Snaphunt connects employers directly with skilled professionals across various industries using seamless algorithms. The platform also enables companies to post job listings and receive applications from qualified candidates effortlessly. Hiring Managers can easily review profiles, conduct interviews, and shortlist candidates all in one place. There are also a range of tools such as skill assessments and video interviews that can help streamline the hiring process further.

6. Adzuna

This popular and user-friendly website connects job seekers in New Zealand with employers across various industries. Featuring a functional interface, the platform includes a strong database of current job listings from various sources that allows users to quickly search and easily apply for positions that match their individual skill sets and experiences. For employers, Adzuna has useful features such as resume database access and targeted advertising tools to attract top talent effectively.

7. Working In New Zealand

This website is one of the most intuitive and helpful resources for job candidates and employers in New Zealand. Not only can you post and search for jobs across the country, but there are also a ton of helpful tools and features for job seekers, including relocation facts and visa requirement information. What’s more, the “Guides & Advice” section shares relevant information about the New Zealand job market, but also migration updates and events for foreign workers interested in hospitality work.

8. Seek

Seek is a great option for users across New Zealand thanks to its powerful and versatile online platform designed to streamline the hiring process for employers. With hundreds of listings uploaded each week, across various industries, candidates can easily search for jobs that match their skills and interests. Seek also lets employers advertise positions effortlessly, reaching a massive database of qualified candidates.

9. Recruit

Recruit is another popular platform in New Zealand––one that includes great resources for new and minimally experienced job seekers eager to enter the hospitality industry. Users can upload their CVs to the platform and have employers contact them directly; virtually hundreds of jobs are added to the database each week. For employers, the site is also helpful for connecting with matched candidates and following up with screenings and interviews.

10. Student Job Search

Students make up a large portion of the New Zealand workforce, especially the food and drink industry. When looking for work, Student Job Search is a great resource hub for sharing CVs and browsing open hospitality positions throughout the country. Employers can pull profiles from recruitment agencies and recent graduates, or upload job postings directly to the portal––there is even a dedicated page for employer advice.


Another helpful tool for job seekers, this government-led online resource center helps users find positions in many different sectors while strengthening or assisting in completely changing their careers. With a genuine focus on training local New Zealand talent, this website is a vast repository of crucial information available to anyone and everyone in the country. CV builder, skill matching tools, and helpful blog articles are designed to help candidates land their dream roles.

12. Trade Me

Although mostly a popular online marketplace that caters to New Zealanders looking to buy and sell everyday items, Trade Me also features a solid job center tab that allows employers to upload simple and effective job postings. Users can browse thousands of local positions, create profiles, and even gain career and salary advice––filter by job sector, business location, part-time, full-time, temporary, and permanent roles. Simple and efficient, Trade Me is an ideal tool for companies looking to hire skilled workers in a timely fashion. 

13. Jobspace

One of the leading employment websites in New Zealand, Jobspace (formerly My Job Space) offers a seamless job search platform for both candidates and employers. Users can create simple personalized profiles, upload their CVs, and browse through thousands of job listings tailored to their preferences. It also provides helpful resources like interview tips, career advice articles, and salary guides. Jobspace also facilitates a straightforward recruitment process by allowing employers to post relevant vacancies and review candidate applications.

14. Jobrapido

New Zealanders looking for work in the hospitality industry can turn to Jobrapido for a seamless and comprehensive platform to look for job opportunities across various markets and locations, especially in the food and beverage sector. It not only enables users to search for jobs but also provides useful features such as email alerts and saved searches, making it convenient for job seekers to stay updated and simple for employers.

15. Careerjet

This popular CV search engine and resource website helps New Zealanders who are looking for employment opportunities across various industries and locations. It aggregates job listings from numerous sources, including company websites, recruitment agencies, and job boards, giving potential candidates a strong database of positions to choose from. Its helpful user interface allows for easy navigation and customization by industry, location, and job type––and, with a global presence in over 90 countries and available in multiple languages, it is also a valuable tool for employers looking to connect with local and foreign talent.

What is the Average Salary for Chefs in New Zealand?

As always, determining an accurate salary for a chef’s position in New Zealand relies on a variety of factors. But as an average rate, the typical range sits somewhere between NZD 51,000 and NZD 68,000 per year. It’s a decent figure when compared to the country’s economic standing and cost of living rate, however, these numbers depend on stats like experience, qualifications, and location. For example, head chefs working in high-end restaurants or hotels in major cities like Auckland or Wellington can easily earn salaries ranging from NZD 70,000 to NZD 100,000 annually. Meanwhile, entry-level chefs with limited experience might start at a lower wage of about NZD 40,000 per year. And those with formal culinary training or specialized skills can command higher wages compared to self-taught chefs.

What is the Average Hourly Rate for Waiters and Waitresses in New Zealand?

When it comes to waitstaff, the figures are different––but equally varied across the country. The average hourly rate for waiters and waitresses in New Zealand is also influenced by experience, location, and establishment type. According to recent data from the Department of Statistics, the minimum wage rate in the country is NZD 22.70 per hour, which includes hospitality staff working in bars and restaurants.

When considering specific establishments like fine dining restaurants in metropolitan areas, where demand and cost of living are generally higher, it is common to find hourly rates ranging from NZD 24 to NZD 28. As always, when considering restaurant work as a career, researching local wage figures and national wage laws is always a good idea.

TOP 15: The Best Job Sites in New Zealand for Hiring Restaurant Staff

There you have it! A comprehensive and detailed look at the hiring process within New Zealand’s food and beverage industry. From sourcing and employing restaurant staff (both local and foreign) to the expected salaries of various front and back-of-house workers, plus, the 15 best job sites for searching for qualified talent––you should have a much better understanding of where to start and how best to run your business. If you are a restaurant owner in New Zealand, you should check out GrabJobs for all your hiring needs.

There you have it! Fifteen popular job boards and employment portals in New Zealand. Now that you’ve got the best options available at your disposal, you should have a much easier time sourcing talent for your business. Happy hiring!

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