Ultimate Guide for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees in Dubai

Looking to Hire Employees in Dubai, UAE? Check GrabJob's Ultimate Guide for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees in Dubai and start hiring today!

SMEs looking to hire employees in Dubai

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A new report shows that if Dubai’s labor shortage continues to go unchecked, it will result in worldwide revenue losses of $8.5 trillion and losses of $15 billion in the UAE.

Businesses of all sizes are struggling with labor shortages in Dubai. However, things are particularly challenging for small and medium enterprises or SMEs looking to hire employees in Dubai.

Are you having difficulty hiring employees for your small or medium-sized business? If so, this guide can help.

Read on for some excellent recruiting tips, job description templates, and a breakdown of the specific benefits GrabJobs offers to companies like yours. 

Top 10 Tips for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees in Dubai

You can take many steps to improve your hiring process as a small or medium-sized business owner. Here are ten small business recruiting tips to implement today:

1. Build Your Business’s Brand Image

When your brand is well-known, and your business has a positive reputation, it’s easier to attract skilled and motivated employees.

Revisit your business’s branding strategy and brainstorm ways to make it seem more appealing to job seekers. You should also take note of reviews people have left on sites like Glassdoor and consider improvements to address issues they’ve mentioned in the past. 

2. Automate the Application Process

Automation is everyone’s best friend these days. Nobody wants to spend more time on tasks (including applying for jobs) than they have to.

Look for ways to streamline and automate the application process.

The proper customer relationship management or applicant management system (we’ll talk more about those in a minute) can help speed up the application process and make it easier for job seekers to send resumes to you.

3. Seek Referrals from Current Employees

Don’t underestimate the power of your current employees when recruiting new ones. Let your team members know you’re hiring and encourage them to refer friends or family members who seem like good fits for the company.

Your employees are great resources for referrals because they already know what it takes to work for your business. This means they’ll be more inclined to recommend the most suitable applicants. 

4. Reevaluate Your Compensation and Benefits Plan

If you’re having difficulty attracting or retaining great employees, your compensation and benefits plans could be part of the issue. They’ll start looking for other jobs if you don’t pay your employees well or offer good benefits.

5. Offer More Training and Development Options

One of the most important small business recruiting tips to keep in mind is to offer more training and development options.

Many job seekers want to work for employers who can help them gain new skills and expand their careers. Share how you do this for your employees to entice job seekers and encourage them to apply.

6. Write Better Job Ads

Where can you highlight information about your compensation, benefits package, and employee development opportunities? Your job ads, of course!

When you write clearly worded, intriguing, and enticing job ads, it’s easier to attract quality candidates and fill vacancies quickly.

If you don’t have a system for writing job ads, or if it’s been a while since you revamped that system, now might be a good time to do so. 

7. Create Candidate Avatars

Another part of writing a job ad is knowing whom you’re trying to reach with your ad. In other words, who is your target job seeker?

If you don’t have a clear image of whom you’re trying to reach, take a step back and create candidate avatars. These characters possess specific traits that your target candidate should also have.

By writing ads with these people in mind, it’s easier to use language that appeals to them.  

8. Differentiate Between Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves

Don’t intimidate job seekers with a massive list of essential skills and qualifications. Get clear on what skills and qualifications are “must-haves” and which ones are just “nice-to-haves.”

9. Don’t Skip Social Networks

Make sure you include social media in your recruiting strategy. Many people start their job search on social media, so posting about openings on these platforms is an excellent way to catch them right at the beginning. 

10. Choose the Right Recruiting Tools

Finally, ensure you’re using recruiting tools that help you reach a large audience, craft effective job ads, and automate the hiring process. Hiring platforms like GrabJobs, for instance, make these processes more manageable and help you find great candidates faster.

3 Job Posting Ideas and Templates for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees

Many small businesses looking to hire employees struggle to write clear and intriguing job posts advertising open positions. If this is the case for you, here are three templates that can help:

Template 1: Tech Job Ad Template

If you’re posting an ad for a tech-related job (developer, programmer, helpdesk technician, etc.), here’s a basic template you might follow:

Job Description

  • Includes company values and mission
  • Explains how the specific tech-related role contributes to that mission

Salary and Benefits Information

  • Explains salary range
  • Details benefits package for this type of employee

Objectives of [Insert Job Here] Role

  • Outlines key responsibilities

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Details daily and monthly tasks employees must complete

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Details essential skills and qualifications applicants must possess

Preferred Qualifications

  • Includes “nice-to-have” qualifications and skills

What Works?

This template is streamlined and gets straight to the point. It doesn’t include much extra information that might cause an applicant to lose interest.

How to Use This Template

Small and medium-sized business owners can tweak this template to fill various tech-related positions. It allows them to clarify must-have and nice-to-have skills and ensure they reach target candidates.

Template 2: Administrative Job Ad Template

If you’re interested in hiring an administrative assistant, executive assistant, or another type of employee with administrative experience, use a template like this:

Job Description

  • Includes company values and mission
  • Explains how the specific administrative role contributes to that mission

Salary and Benefits Information

  • Explains salary range
  • Details benefits package for this type of employee


  • Outlines key responsibilities

Education and Skills Requirements

  • Details essential skills and qualifications applicants must possess

What Works?

This job ad template is a bit more streamlined than the tech job ad template. Administrative positions often don’t have as many requirements as other, more highly skilled positions, so a more straightforward job ad will likely work just fine. 

How to Use This Template

Use this template for advertising a variety of administrative positions. It’s easy to adjust based on your specific hiring needs and provides you with a simple framework to follow.

Template 3: Social Media Job Ad Template

When posting job ads on social media, you may need to adjust your writing style to cater to a different audience. Here’s a social media job ad template to get you started:

Social Media Post

 We’re hiring a [insert position here] for our [insert team type here] team in [insert location]!

If you are an expert in [insert essential skill here] and have a firm grasp of [insert another important skill here], we’d like to talk to you.

To learn more and apply: [insert a link to the application form]

[Optional: image or video that tells more about the company, shares employee experiences, etc.] 

What Works?

This type of job ad is simple and gets straight to the point. It’s perfect for social media because it’s brief and actionable.

How to Use This Template

Use this template to create a social media job ad connecting your followers to a more in-depth job posting. 

Benefits of Using GrabJobs as a Small Business or SMEs Looking to Hire Employees

Small businesses hiring employees should also utilize the GrabJobs platform. This tool makes it easy for employers to create job ads, share news about vacancies with a large audience, and streamline the interview and hiring processes.

Need more convincing? Here are eight reasons to start using GrabJobs:

1. Access Job Description Templates

As we mentioned above, a well-crafted job ad can make a big difference when filling vacancies quickly and finding the best candidates.

Don’t consider yourself a skilled writer? No problem!

GrabJobs provides access to a multitude of job description templates. No matter what kind of position you’re trying to fill, GrabJobs gives you a template to write an enticing job ad in no time. 

2. Examples and Tips for Better Job Ads

Need more help beyond what a template can provide?

In addition to providing various job description templates, GrabJobs also offers a collection of job ad examples to give you more inspiration.

These examples can come in handy if you need help coming up with new ways to advertise a job or describe what your company does.

3. Post on Multiple Job Boards at Once

The more job boards you post on, the easier it is to access a larger audience and get your ad in front of the right people. Manually posting to multiple boards is time-consuming and tedious, though.

Luckily, GrabJobs eliminates this issue.

One of this platform’s greatest strengths is that it allows you to post ads on multiple job boards with just one click. Once you’ve written one job ad, you can almost instantly get it in front of the largest audience possible. 

4. Create Ads for All Kinds of Jobs

There’s no limit on the types of jobs you can post using GrabJobs.

From startup companies looking for executives to help them scale to restaurants hiring servers and kitchen staff, GrabJobs allows you to post ads for virtually any position.

With one convenient, expertly designed platform, you can immediately fulfill your business’s hiring needs and connect with skilled candidates. There’s no need to invest in multiple tools to find the best recruits.

5. Speed Up Hiring with AI and Chatbots

GrabJobs also uses tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots to streamline hiring and help you connect with candidates immediately.

Even if you’re not on your computer or phone at the time, you can still respond to common questions and move applicants through the hiring process.

Do you worry that AI and chatbots will turn people off? No need.

Research shows that more than one-third of people prefer chatbots, and chatbots can answer 80 percent of standard questions with ease. 

6. Improve Candidate Engagement

You boost job seekers’ engagement rates when you respond to their applications faster and answer their questions more efficiently. You show them you’re invested in the process and want to provide a superior recruiting experience.

The more engaged applicants are, the better their view is of your company before they even start working for you. This helps them have a good attitude when they start their jobs and increases their likelihood of being more involved from day one.  

7. Receive Detailed Recruitment Metrics

The more data you can access, the easier it is to understand what’s working and what isn’t. The correct data can also make you aware of issues that weren’t on your radar previously. 

GrabJobs provides a vast collection of recruitment metrics to help you detect patterns and make informed decisions about how to improve your process in the future.

8. Access an Extensive Resource Library

Finally, GrabJobs offers an extensive resource library to all users (both job seekers and employers).

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for information on interviewing candidates, writing job ads, or onboarding new hires. GrabJobs has a collection of articles that provide all the insights you need and help you develop your hiring strategy.

Try These Tips for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees Today

The current recruiting situation might be challenging for SMEs looking to hire employees in Dubai. However, small and medium-sized business owners aren’t out of luck when finding skilled workers for various positions.

Keep the tips discussed above in mind, and you’ll have no trouble tracking down the best fit for every vacancy at your company, from entry-level to executive-level jobs.

Start by signing up for the GrabJobs platform. Try it for free today to see how it can revolutionize your hiring process. 

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