The Monthly Hiring News Round-Up For Recruiters: July 2019

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We hope you had a good June; our team was busy adding a whole list of large F&B establishments to our GrabJobs platform, as well as creating our first eBook, a Salary Guide! 

Other news this month included the release of Singapore’s Q3 Labour forecast, Randstad’s annual Employer Brand Research Report, and more! Read our round-up now, and learn what other companies are doing to retain talent and hire better:

1) Singapore’s Q3 Labour Forecast Remains Stable

A survey was released by recruitment company ManpowerGroup Employment that shows the status of staffing levels and the labour forecast for Singapore in Q3 2019. Per HR in Asia, “Fifteen percent of employers intend to increase their staffing levels, while 3 per cent anticipate a decrease, and 77 percent forecast no change to their payrolls”. 

The F&B industry and transportation industry share positive outlooks in particular, with +18 percent and +10 percent, respectively. Net employment outlook stays stable at +12 percent, which is just one percentage point higher than the previous quarter. This information allows recruiters and employers to plan their staffing and budgeting more appropriately. 

2) Randstad Predicts 40% of Employees Will Be Looking For New Opportunities

Randstad’s annual Employer Brand Research report is an important resource for recruiters and employers, as it shows why and how employees choose to leave a company. This affects talent acquisition as well as plans when it comes to retaining talent. This year’s edition shows that 2 out of 5 employees are looking for new opportunities this year, due to reasons such as ‘limited career path’, need for flexible work arrangements and better training programmes, and a better office work culture. 

Considering that this report includes responses from over 200,000 employees across 32 countries, it is important for recruiters to take note of the results of these surveys. Younger employees, in particular, are looking for career progression and training programmes, while Generation X employees are looking for more flexible work arrangements. 

3) Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Releases Employee Benefits Survey Results

If the Randstad Report isn’t enough to convince you about the importance of employee benefits, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has also released a report about Employee Benefits that show that employers continue to spend on health-related benefits for their employees. As healthcare costs remain high, only 3% of employers are willing to reduce spending on health benefits, while 20% have provided more generous health benefits over the last year. 

Telecommuting is also becoming more popular as another type of benefit, with 69% of companies allowing telecommuting on an ad-hoc basis, up from 56% in 2015. If you’re looking to decide what new employee benefits to include, these stats include good data to keep a note of. 

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