How To Post Onto Multiple Free Job Boards With One Click

Are you sick and tired of manually doing job postings across job boards? Read this article and learn how high-volume recruiters can publish across job boards easily.

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Free Job Posting on Multiple Job Boards

How much time do you spend posting your job advertisement onto different job boards? If you’re a high-volume recruiter, the answer is probably “more time than I would prefer”.

While there’s talent scarcity in C-level talent recruitment, allowing recruiters to take advantage of new sourcing techniques such as LinkedIn InMail and other forms of networking events, high-volume recruiters still suffer from sourcing issues. The need to post across as many relevant (and popular!) job boards as possible can make the difference between 20 or 100 applicants for job postings. After all, 17% of candidates for a job posting come from job boards, making them an important recruiting tool.

However, each free job board has their own unique system for placing free job postings. This can result in inadequate information or repeat submissions through multiple different job boards. This can be frustrating to manage, with notification emails clogging up your inbox. At the same time, you need to keep checking the different job boards in order to access the list of job applicants, and then manually filter out the unqualified applicants.

According to the 2012 State of Recruiting Infographic, recruiters can spend up to 3 hours a day sourcing for candidates, which adds up to a whopping 37.5% of the work week spent on sourcing.

What you need is a system that can do multi-channel job posting on your behalf. Multi-channel job posting involves a system that will automatically post your job ad across a list of job boards, allowing you to narrow down your job posting process to a single click. All you have to do is to type in your job description and requirements once, and then select from a list of available job boards to publish your job ad across.

Of course, just increasing the reach of your job ad across different job portals wouldn’t be sufficient. What you need is the ability to not only publish widely, but to also collate the submissions easily. An excellent Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is able to gather the job applications from different job boards into one system for your easy viewing. A system would also allow for deduplication, and prevent you getting inundated with notification emails. You would only need to check one system a day, instead of 10 different job boards every single day.

In the end, don’t settle for the traditional methods of posting manually. These hours add up, costing you money in time and effort that you could be spending interviewing and filling more roles. In high-volume recruitment, this could mean a huge difference in the number of roles that could be filled within a week.

Why not try out our GrabJobs platform, where you can post jobs and test out our multi-channel job posting capabilities for yourself?

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