This Year Will Be The Year of Job Portal 4.0

Here at GrabJobs, we’ve mentioned before why Job Portal 4.0 signifies the next wave of Recruitment Process Automation (RPA). ‘The Next Wave of Hiring’ is coming, just like Industry 4.0 came for the manufacturing industry.

"We’re looking for a new revolution in recruitment. Instead of focusing only on the ability to connect with potential job seekers, job portals should become communities and platforms where job seekers and recruiters can engage in conversation, while also providing the recruiter with all the information he needs to make a hiring decision quickly.“

Emmanuel Crouy, CEO & Co-Founder Tweet

You can either avoid it and fall behind as a recruiter, or embrace it and come out ahead.

Job Portal 4.0 in 2019

As the first half of 2019 passes, we’re even more convinced that 2019 will be the beginning of Job Portal 4.0, where Job Portals take on a larger role beyond just providing a platform for recruiters to ‘spray and pray’.

We believe that Job Portals can support employers and recruiters further in the sourcing, screening and interviewing processes. This is executed through a mix of AI and automation, which allows recruiters to control qualifiers and set guidelines while using technology to make the recruiting process more efficient and effective.

Instead of replacing recruiters, the aim is to help recruiters to focus on the more people-oriented aspects, such as the actual interview process. The manual ‘step-and-repeat’ should be automated as much as possible to provide recruiters with the fastest through-path to the interview.

And we’re not the only ones who think so.

The Importance of Hiring Automation in 2019

Research conducted by Entelo in their 2019 Recruiting Automation Trends Report showed that in 2019 alone, “22% of talent organizations will increase their spend in recruiting automation tools”. At the same time, “75% of recruiters say technology will play a larger role in their companies hiring process”, showing that recruiters and employers are ready for Job Portal 4.0.

“Specifically, the sourcing and qualification process has emerged as a prime candidate for automation with 71% of recruiters agreeing that if they could automate their sourcing, they would be more successful in achieving their hiring goals.”

2019 Recruiting Automation Trends Report, Entelo Tweet

An article in Information Age also discusses the prevalence of technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Chatbots for recruitment in 2019 and ahead, while HR Technologist nails down the importance of making changes to the sourcing, screening and interviewing process through automation. From using social media recruitment to Applicant Tracking Systems and Interview schedulers, the industry is looking to automation to help them hire better, faster.

These proactive steps taken by the industry mean that those who are passive will lose out in the end. And while you could wait for more data, you could start by using automation for high-volume recruitment, where there’s an even greater need to hire faster. Companies using GrabJobs’ Job Portal 4.0 for high-volume recruitment in Singapore include retail giants such as Uniqlo, Guess, Superdry and Zara, and hotel giants such as Swissôtel The Stamford, Hotels G, Fairmont Singapore and Sofitel Singapore!

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