How to Save More Time Reviewing Only Qualified Candidates?

Reviewing CV’s can be so exhausting especially when you have to review most unqualified candidates that applies to your job posts. 

Why not review the CV’s of those who only meets the minimum requirements? Keep reading to find our how you can do that.

GrabJobs Automation helps you to:

  • Automatically filter qualified applicants so that you don’t need to review everyone’s CV- thanks to our Interview Chatbot feature
  • Automatically shortlists qualified applicants and sends an automated message as a next steps
  • Saves you more time by only reviewing applicants who meets the minimum requirements

Manual Sifting Through CV's
Automated Qualifying Candidates

How It Differs?

Manual Sifting through CV's

Most recruiters that were used to doing the traditional hiring process tends use most of their time sifting through a lot of CV’s than to those who were using the modern automated recruitment process.

Here’s how they mostly do it:

  1. Post jobs
  2. Manual filtering of the applications by sifting through hundreds of resume one by one
  3. Notify and pre-screen each qualified applicants by calling their mobile phone (asks same questions over and over plus it may take days or weeks even)
  4. Invite qualified applicants to an interview and remind each of them before their scheduled interview by SMS or call
  5. Conduct Final Interview

Automated Qualifying of Candidates

GrabJobs can help you automate the endless pre-screening candidates by automatically filtering qualified candidates. It can also do the task of asking every applicant the repeating screening questions that you needs to ask to each of your applicants on your behalf. It saves you burning time with unqualified candidates so that you can focus more on qualified and potential candidates.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Post jobs with Grabjobs
  2. Setup the Interview bot with your typical screening questions to filter your minimum requirements
  3. Turn on the Automation features – Auto-shortlist candidates to shortlist applicants that fit your minimum qualification
  4. Conduct Final Interview (Learn more about our Video Interview feature)

In your automated shortlist message you can ask something like – Your profile looks interesting. Before we arrange an interview we would like to review your full CV. If you haven’t done so, please upload it under your GrabJobs Profile. 

This way, only all of the qualified applicants who passed the screening interview will be automatically shortlisted. Therefore, you’ll only be reviewing the CV’s of all qualified and potential candidates. No more sifting hundreds of resume manually!

By turning on the Auto-Schedule Interviews, you wont have to waste time reminding your candidates about their interview schedule. GrabJobs Interview Scheduler sends automated interview reminders to your candidates 24 hrs and 3 hrs before the time of their scheduled interview. Those reminders are sent via text, email and push notifications.

(Learn more about GrabJobs Interview Scheduler) 

Stop spending long hours on recruitment, let GrabJobs automation work for you!

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Stop spending long hours on recruitment, let GrabJobs automation work for you!