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3. Schedule Interviews

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Tutorial - Scheduling Interviews with GrabJobs

Less time scheduling interviews means more time hiring. Not only the back-and-forth to arrange interviews is extremely time-consuming, it’s also frustrating not to have control over your applicants’ show-up rate. 

GrabJobs Interview Scheduler helps you to:

  • Arrange Interviews with selected candidates straight to your calendar
  • Send reminders to your applicants 24h and 3h before the interview
  • Receive live notifications when applicants confirm their attendance
  • Avoid no-show situation by offering applicants to reschedule or cancel in advance

1. Set up your Calendar(s)

GrabJobs includes a fully functional Interview Scheduler to help you arrange Interviews with selected candidates. 

Start by filling-up your availabilities in your calendar by adding interview timeslots!

Calendar – you can create multiple calendars in your interview scheduler. It can be particularly useful if you have multiple hiring managers on your team, each of them having their own busy calendar.

Timeslots – set your own start & end for flexible timeslots of 30 minutes to a few hours.

Timeslot Capacity – be flexible on the number of applicants you can accommodate for each timeslot. You may want to set group interviews for example?

2. Send Interviews Invitations to Candidates

After you updated your calendars, you start sending interview schedule to your incoming applicants. Keep in mind this function is exclusive for candidates who have previously been shortlisted.

You’ll be able to choose what type of interview you want to arrange:

  • in person face-to-face interviews
  • remote over video or phone calls

2 options to accommodate your candidates when scheduling interviews:

Let applicants choose from your available timeslots – when you allow candidates to choose their own time slot, you make the recruitment process convenient for them (as well as for you). Giving a sense of control to your applicants is a great way to put them in the best conditions for the upcoming interview. Make sure your calendar is setup accordingly to use this option.

Schedule a fixed date and time interview – you may also schedule the interview with a fixed date and time if you prefer. Just choose “Fixed Date/Time Interview” and fulfill all the details needed.

Stop spending long hours on recruitment, let GrabJobs automation work for you!

3. Notifications & Automated Reminders 

There’s nothing more annoying than a candidate not showing-up at the last minute, right? Do you systematically remind each applicants about their upcoming interview to make sure they will make it? 

If you do, this may take some of your valuable time with multiple SMS & phone calls…

GrabJobs Interview Scheduler sends automated interview reminders to your candidates 24 hrs and 3 hrs before the time of their scheduled interview. Those reminders are sent via text, email and push notifications.

Interview Reminders are also prompting candidates to re-confirm their attendance so they don’t leave you hanging. If anything comes up, you’ll know!

Got an applicant who needs to reschedule last minute? He’ll be able to pick-up another timeslot in your calendar instead and you’ll be notified instantly.

4. Scheduling Video Interviews

In a world of constant evolution, our physical and social interactions adjust, as we remain constantly connected through technology. There’s a coup here! Remote video interviews have became a solid alternative solution to traditional face-to-face interaction.

Not only video interviews are convenient, they also enable you to optimize the time you spend with each candidate and ultimately speak to more applicants.

GrabJobs Interview Scheduler allow you to arrange Video Interviews over Zoom & Google Meet.

Not sure how to integrate your GrabJobs account with Zoom?
Here is the complete step-by-step support guide to start arranging video interviews.

5. The Ultimate Interview Scheduling system

Didn’t you wish your recruitment platform could filter and schedule interview for you with top talents? Peace of mind.

From candidate screening to interview scheduling, GrabJobs Interview Chatbot takes the work out of connecting with applicants so you can accomplish more!

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