15 Best Free CV Search Platforms in Indonesia

Discover the best free resume search platforms in Indonesia. Streamline your hiring process, connect with top talent, and build your dream team today.

Best Free CV Search Platforms in Indonesia

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Free Job Posting on Multiple Job Boards

A top-performing organization requires talented employees to grow and meet their goals. That’s why an employer or recruiter in Indonesia needs to be careful when interviewing candidates to get the best. 

However, getting top-talent employees in Indonesia is never easy, as there is stiff competition for the best recruits among the flourishing industries in the country. Despite many applicants looking for jobs, few have the qualifications the employers want. 

Thanks to free CV search platforms in Indonesia, you can now view several job seekers’ resumes and call qualified candidates for an interview. But what is the best CV database for recruiters? 

If you’re planning to recruit in Indonesia, this guide is for you, as we’ll discuss the right free search platform to get top talent to help your organization grow.

What is a CV Database?

A CV database is like a library of resumes where recruiters can search for the right candidates to fill an open position in their organization. The database consists of CVs from different candidates containing their qualifications, experience, or any important information a recruiter might need. 

A CV database is beneficial to employers because it is automated, which makes your work as a recruiter easy. It also helps you reach more experienced candidates, as the job market has a high percentage of job seekers who are already employed (passive profiles). Most of these people are proven talents looking for a greener pasture in various organizations, and you can use that to your advantage. 

A CV library also helps you reduce recruitment costs, which are high in Indonesia. It enables you to effectively identify and hire the right candidate without many processes or challenges, saving money. 

How Can I Search for Resumes?

When using free CV search platforms in Indonesia, you must know how to search for resumes in the database to make your work easier. You can achieve this using the following:


Search for the specific current location you want the job seekers from. Alternatively, you can use the desired work location to help you search for the preferred candidate.


You can also identify the right candidate using keywords. Use keywords like job title, certification, or skills. It’s advisable to use multiple keywords to get the desired results. But don’t type the various keywords in the keyword box. Instead, use the series filter for this. 


If you want an easy time identifying the right resume, search how recently it was updated. Search for the CV that was updated 1-12 months. 

What are the Best CV Search Platforms in Indonesia?

As a recruiter, you can make your work easier by sourcing the right candidates to fill a vacant position at your organization. Some of the free resume searches in Indonesia include:

If you’re looking for one of the best free CV search platforms in Indonesia, consider GrabjJobs. The platform can help you connect with more employees’ resumes, and more than 20,000 companies use it. 

Cost: There is a free GrabJobs and a paid version which requires subscription fees. 

Benefits : GrabJobs allows for candidate screening, and you can also schedule an interview through this platform. You can also chatbot or conduct video interviews, post a job, or track applicants and the recruitment process.

Drawbacks: The paid version has better features.

Who is it for?: GrabJobs, a free resume search in Indonesia, best suits employers looking for short-or long-term employees. It’s also an ideal choice for those looking for remote or in-house workers for white, blue, or entry-level jobs that meet their demands. 

Overall Info: GrabJobs allows you to post several job boards once for free, meaning you can reach more people at ago through one click. It’s also an ideal free resume database for recruiters in Indonesia your organization should trust.

You can also get resume database access through this platform. The popular platform has great features like social media job ads, job postings, employer branding tools, and CV searching. 

Cost: It is available for free usage. However, you can opt for the paid version. 

Benefits: The main benefit of Snaphunt is it enables employers to post jobs and social media job ads quickly. You will easily use the platform as an employer, and automated communication enhances the recruitment process. 

Drawbacks : It has fewer job filters compared to the other job boards. 

Who is it for?: Snaphunt, a free resume database for recruiters in Indonesia, is a good choice for those looking for more advanced features. It contains resumes for all job seekers, allowing any employer in Indonesia to get the right candidate.

Overall info: Snaphunt facilitates the UI and offers data security, ensuring recruiters’ vital information remains safe on the platform. 

Indeed is also among the free CV search platforms in Indonesia you should try out. It’s easy to use and create job posting ads facilitating fast resume search. 

Cost: The free Indeed version doesn’t attract any cost. So you can manage the account and post for free. 

Benefits: It helps recruiters get preferred candidates without much struggle. It has better features like keyword search and location-based filters giving employers fast search results. It also has additional tools and resources for easy navigation.

Drawbacks: Indeed’s layout and navigation are not aesthetic. Moreover, for the job postings to reach their full potential, you might have to pay for them.

Who is it for?: Indeed is a great recruiting platform that suits small, established organizations looking for employees. 

Overall info: Indeed’s resume database access allows employers in Indonesia to quickly fill vacant positions, as it’s a trusted and popular platform. It’s also easy to set up and attracts all kinds of employees.

Another secure free resume search in Indonesia to try out is Jora. It’s increasingly becoming popular nationwide because of its advanced job listing database.

Costs: Jora is a free platform that allows recruiters to search for the right CV. 

Benefits: It has various tools and features that make it user-friendly.  Employers can also get direct applications, which reduces recruitment costs and time. 

Drawbacks: It lacks a candidates’ resume database and advanced recruitment features.

Who is it for?: Jora is an ideal platform for established recruitment agencies and small companies looking for employees.

Overall info: Jora is a user-friendly platform that aggregates posts from other platforms while allowing users to post directly. It has a better job-listing database and functionality. 

Recruit candidates through Recruit.net and see your organization add the best employees. The job search platform is strictly for Indonesian employers. 

Costs: No charges are required.

Benefits: It can integrate with other platforms like 9CV9, increasing job posting features. The integration allows you to have numerous candidates’ resumes to choose from. It’s also fast and easy to use. 

Drawbacks: Listings are not on the platform’s social media pages.

Who is it for?: It’s for recruiters seeking to increase their search reach, as the platform also posts on 9cv9.

Overall info: The simple-to-use platform facilitates the 9cv9-Recrut.net partnership. It allows recruiters to meet more job seekers’ CVs, increasing the likelihood of hiring the best.

Another free resume database for recruiters in Indonesia is 9cv9. The platform facilitates customized job postings, making it easier for recruiters to find preferred candidates. 

Cost: This is a free job posting platform, so no payments are required. You can post one job per day for free.

Benefits: It has a user-friendly user interface and better matching algorithms, which makes it easy to use. It also offers pre-screened results for only top-qualified candidates.

Drawbacks: Prone to scammers 

Who is it for?: More than 3,500 companies use 9cv9, meaning it’s the right choice for any organization recruiting top talent.

Overall info: The government of Singapore certified this platform for its global talent hiring. So you should trust it to connect with job seekers.

Recruiters can also try looking for top talents through the best CV database for recruiters like Jobindo. The popular platform in Indonesia helps securely connect job seekers and employers. 

Cost: Being a free platform, there are no charges involved.

Benefits: It’s a good platform with advanced algorithms, making getting the right resume easier. 

Who is it for?: It’s for employers looking for experienced, fresh graduates to fill various positions.

Overall info: Jobindo is a suitable connector for qualified job seekers in Indonesia. Its layout is easy to understand and use.

As an employer in Indonesia, you can also look for highly qualified employees through JobStreet. The platform is easy to use and is popular in the country.

Costs: It costs nothing to own this platform, as it’s free. 

Benefits: Using JobStreet is beneficial to employers as it has good search algorithms. It’s also a user-friendly platform where job seekers can easily expand their search reach. 

Drawbacks: No know setbacks

Who is it for?: It’s for recruiters looking for highly qualified candidates within Indonesia with varying qualifications.

Overall info: JobStreet has been in use since 199,7 and has more monthly visits meaning jobseekers and recruiters like it.

Get resume connections from top talents in Indonesia from Glints. The famous job site in Asia allows candidates with various backgrounds to send applications, increasing your chances of getting qualified employees. 

Cost: Glints is a free job posting platform, so you can sign up at no cost.

Benefits: Since it’s a popular platform with many applicants, getting the right candidate won’t be difficult. It’s also easy to use.

Drawbacks: No serious challenges. 

Who is it for?: It’s for job seekers and recruiters looking for the best employees in the country. 

Overall info: The platform was established in 2013, and it is currently among the country’s highly visited platforms.

You will also get an easy time searching for employees through one of the top free CV search platforms in Indonesia, LinkedIn. It has professionals from all walks, making it a good candidate target.

Cost: Using LinkedIn is free after login in. 

Benefits: LinkedIn has simple tools that help you get the right interview candidate. Useful tools like filters save time and reduce recruitment budgets for most organizations. 

Drawbacks: It has a general job portal outlook.

Who is it for?: It’s a good platform for employers looking forward to making informed recruitment choices, making it easier to understand the job market. 

Overall info: Linkedin offers 1 free job posting, and its insights pages enable you to understand the market and get the right candidate.

Recruiters in Indonesia can also rely on Google to get top talents for various positions. The search engine gives Google access to more job seekers, increasing your chance of getting the preferred candidate. 

Costs: Google is a free-to-use platform.

Benefits: Google allows you to fine-tune your search based on location or keywords, giving you narrowed results. It also allows for other tools integration. For example, you can integrate 9cv9 on Google to attract more candidates globally, improving your search reach.

Drawbacks: It requires technical expertise to get the desired results.

Who is it for?: Google is for any recruiter who understands how it works and looking for the best candidates for free.

Overall info: You can access Google for free on any device with a reliable network connection. But there are some tricks to make your resume search easier.

JobIslandd is one of the CV search for employers free platforms that can help you get the right candidates. The free job board attracts various job seekers and is easy to use. 

Cost: It’s a free platform, but there’s a paid version.

Benefits: It has several job seekers looking for the right employer, so getting enough resumes is not hard. It allows you to get candidates from all over the world, depending on your preferred location.

Drawbacks: Contact information is only available for paying members.

Who is it for?: It’s for recruiters and employment agencies looking for the right candidates for their organization.

Overall info: It’s a free platform requiring you to look out for online scammers to avoid losing money. It alerts you of available opportunities through email.

Get potential employees from this platform with little hustle. It makes it easier to meet various job seekers as it centralizes the jobs on the web.

Cost: Free usage.

Benefits: It’s easy to use as it has an employers section. You can also save time through customized alerts to your account. It also has additional features like salary breakdown.

Drawbacks: It requires some expertise to use it.

Who is it for?: The platform is for any recruiter looking for resumes for potential candidates in Indonesia. 

Overall info: Currently, the platform is known as Talant.com after rebranding. It has extra features like a tax calculator that makes your work easier.

Jooble lets you see resumes from several job boards with thousands of applicants. It’s available in 74 countries, including Indonesia, for a CV search for employers free platform. free

Costs: Free

Benefits: Allows users to use their preferred language, making the recruitment process more defined. It also has millions of visits per month, meaning recruiters have a high chance of getting qualified candidates.

Drawbacks: The layout is not beautiful.

Who is it for?: It’s a nice platform for any recruiter looking for the right candidate for their organization.

Overall info: Jooble has more site visits per month, showing it’s a trusted platform for recruiters. It’s also available in 71 countries, widening remote recruiters’ reach.

Another free job board to search for resumes is this one based in Singapore and Asia. It will help you get the right candidate with fewer struggles.

Cost: Free

Benefits: It makes it easier to get the right candidate for your growing business. Since it’s a free platform, upcoming ventures won’t incur high maintenance costs.

Drawbacks: It requires you to narrow your search to get resumes from Indonesia, which can be tiresome. 

Who is it for?: It’s for startups looking for job boards to help them grow.

Overall info: It covers the whole of Asia, so you have to be good at resume searching. StartUpJobs.Asia is strictly for startup companies or businesses.

The 15 Best Free CV Search Platforms for Employers in Indonesia

Getting the right candidate for a job opening has never been faster, like when using the above 15 best free CV search platforms in Indonesia. Choose Grabjobs. It is easy to use, and that you understand well to get highly qualified employees. But ensure you check the drawbacks and benefits before settling on any platform.

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