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Are you thinking about using a recruitment chatbot or interviewing chatbot for your HR processes? If so, read on to learn more about the benefits of HR chatbots.

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Are you thinking about using a recruitment chatbot or interviewing chatbot for your HR processes? If so, read on to learn more about the benefits of HR chatbots that can help ease your recruitment processes! 

In addition to making customer service better, chatbots can also play an important role in various HR processes. This includes essential processes like recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding.

Not only do chatbots simplify and streamline various HR-related tasks, but they can also help your business make a better first impression on potential new employees. Investing in an HR chatbot is an effective modern branding tool that indicates your company is future-focused.

Let’s get right into it then! In this article, you’ll also find a list of some of the best chatbot tools you can start using today.

1. Easier Candidate Screening

Know how hard it is to sort through dozens (or sometimes even hundreds) of applications after you publish a new job listing? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone or something could help with that? One of the greatest benefits that HR chatbots provide is the fact that they simplify the candidate screening process. 

A chatbot acts like a virtual HR assistant. It handles the initial screening phases of the recruitment process so that your HR department can focus on other things. It will efficiently screen all candidates based on their resumes and applications, then pick out the people who are most likely to be good fits for a particular position.

Easier Candidate Screening

Chatbots can also communicate back and forth with candidates to “learn” more about them. They ask questions about things like areas of interest, qualifications, and previous job experience. The information gathered from these conversations helps with proper matching and narrows down the list of recruits for you to review.

2. Schedule interviews faster

Chatbots also do a great job of streamlining the interview scheduling process. Instead of having to send emails back and forth with a candidate to find an interview time that works for both of you, a HR chatbot can do all of this work for you! 

It’ll present candidates with a list of available interview slots and allow them to easily pick the one that best fits into their schedule. This whole process takes just a few minutes (or less) for the chatbot to handle, and it saves you a lot of frustration. 

Perks of technology, indeed!

3. Faster response time

It’s common to get hit with an influx of questions when you open up a new position and post a job ad online. If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with all these queries, a HR chatbot may be a great investment! 

Let us share with you why. HR chatbots can answer basic candidate inquiries and point them in the right direction so you don’t have to fork out the time to do so yourself.

Not only does this make your job easier, but it also allows the candidates to get the information they need faster! And this is a key factor for job-seekers. Job-seekers in an urgent need to find a new job will be glad to hear back from recruiters sooner than later. 

This reduces frustration on their end and decreases the likelihood that qualified individuals will abandon your job listing or look for an opening elsewhere. You wouldn’t want to lose a great candidate because they couldn’t get specific information in a timely manner, would you? 

4. Manage Referrals

Referral programs are great for sourcing qualified candidates and filling open positions faster. Keeping track of referrals and matching them to the right job can be quite a chore, though. When you use AI, it’s much easier for you to automate the referral process and make sure your program is working as well as (if not better than) you originally intended. 

Chatbots will screen each person’s credentials and instantly check to see if they match the requirements for the open position. This helps you to decide sooner if a particular individual is a good fit. It also saves you from having to rely solely on the recommendation of another employee.

Speaking of other employees, chatbots can also communicate further with the team member who recommended a specific person to gain more information about them. This provides you with even more insight so you can make the best hiring choice for the company.

5. Easier Talent Pool Engagement

When you’re looking to bring on experienced and qualified individuals, it’s important for your company to have access to an engaged talent pool. In other words, you don’t want to have a bunch of people on your shortlist who aren’t actually interested in working for your company or who have already found jobs elsewhere and don’t care about your latest openings.

Of course, staying connected to potential candidates is tricky, especially when you’re already juggling a lot of other HR-related tasks. Enter AI. Chatbots will help you stay in touch with your talent pool and automatically keep them informed about the current goings-on within your organization. This helps you ensure you get prompt inquiries as soon as you post a new listing, and it saves you from having to worry about whether or not you’re engaging with the talent enough. 

6. Improved Candidate Experience

Some people may be on the fence about using an HR chatbot because they worry that it’ll take away from the candidate experience. In some cases, this is true. Not everyone likes communicating with a chatbot, after all, and certain candidates may prefer more human interaction during the screening and interview process.

At the same time, though, chatbots are much more sophisticated than they used to be. In fact, they can often provide a better recruiting experience than humans. They answer questions quickly, they allow for easy scheduling, and they’re available at all hours — what’s not to love?

At the very least, it’s worth it to check out a chatbot and see it in action before you write the idea off completely.

7. Better Employer Branding

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, the use of chatbots can also be a powerful branding tool for your company. When you provide a more streamlined recruiting and hiring process (which HR chatbots can help you accomplish), people are going to see your company in a more positive light.

The use of HR chatbots is often an indicator that your company is modern, innovative, and eager to utilise the latest technology. It shows that you’re not stuck in the past and are willing to think outside the box.

For job seekers who want to work for this kind of organization, the fact that you’re using a chatbot is a positive sign. It will encourage them to stick with you throughout the interviewing and hiring processes and might be the push they need to choose you over another business that’s vying for their attention.

8. Reduce Human Bias

If you want to diversify your company, the use of chatbots can make a big difference. It’ll help you to ensure you’re hiring the best people for the job and not letting any unconscious biases get in the way.

Plenty of companies are already using chatbots to help them accomplish this goal, and they’re seeing great success. For example, when L’oreal used a chatbot to select new interns, they ended up the most diverse group of recruits they’d ever had.

Chatbots simply do not have the same unconscious biases and preferences that humans do. Because of this, they’re able to assess candidates based on the things that matter most: their skills, qualifications, and experience. 

9. Reduce Recruitment Costs

Finally, HR chatbots can reduce recruitment costs. In the same L’oreal case study mentioned above, the company found that it saved roughly $250,000 in recruiter wages!

True, your company might not save this amount of money by incorporating HR chatbots into your hiring and interviewing processes. L’oreal is a massive corporation, after all, with millions of dollars already at its disposal.

However, you can still reduce spending across the board by investing in chatbots. You and your team will also save time, as a bonus, which is arguably even more valuable since you’ll be free to focus on other things that increase the company’s revenue.

How effective is an HR Chatbot for meeting hiring goals?

There are some challenges associated with chatbots that still need to be ironed out. For example, some qualified job seekers find the process of communicating with a chatbot to be too impersonal. This may cause them to look elsewhere so they can talk to a human throughout the entire recruitment process, which results in you losing out on someone who could be a great fit.

HR chatbots also require an upfront investment that may seem too high for some companies. Although the ROI is generally great for chatbots, the initial costs could still be a deterrent to businesses that have a tight budget or are trying to scale back on spending.

Despite their drawbacks, HR chatbots inarguably do a great job of helping companies meet their hiring goals. Not only do they connect recruiters with a larger pool of more diverse candidates, but they also streamline the interview and hiring process. This cuts down on costs and can provide an impressive ROI that makes you forget about the upfront expenses associated with chatbots.

As more companies start using HR chatbots, their effectiveness and user-friendliness are improving, too. A report from CNBC even revealed that 73 percent of candidates didn’t even know they were talking to a chatbot. A few years ago, it might have seemed strange or even impossible to use AI to recruit candidates for open positions. Today, though, it is an excellent option that, in many cases, yields great results.

Top 7 HR and Recruiting Chatbot Examples

As you can see, chatbots have a lot to offer your company, from faster candidate screening to reductions in unconscious bias. Now, let’s get into some specific HR chatbots you might want to start using. The following are 7 awesome chatbots that will make your HR processes more efficient and help you enjoy all of the benefits outlined above. 

GrabJobs chatbot is an impressive, all-in-one recruiting platform that will help you to hire more efficiently and reduce costs at the same time. It is the perfect solution for companies that want to streamline every aspect of the recruiting and hiring process. 

GrabJobs’ tool will provide you with everything you need to simplify your candidate screening and interviewing processes. This includes fast job posting processes, a 24/7 interview chatbot, customised interview questions, and customised interview scorecards.

You can also use this tool to schedule interviews, keep track of candidates, engage with your talent pool, and review efficiency and recruitment analytics so you can make better decisions in the future.

Pricing for GrabJobs starts at $149 per month. When you sign up to use this chatbot, it will instantly connect you with over 5 million candidates, and you can try it risk free for 14 days before you commit. No credit card is required, and you can opt out at any time during this period if you feel it’s not right for you. 

Olivia is a recruitment chatbot created by Paradox AI. Think Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, but for recruitment and hiring purposes. Olivia is a conversational assistant that helps with interview scheduling, answering questions in multiple languages, and sending regular reminders to candidates. 

This chatbot was designed specifically for companies doing high-volume hiring, and it works well for both hourly hiring and salaried hiring. Pricing isn’t readily available for Olivia, but those who are interested can request a demo and get more information through the company’s website.

XOR is a top-ranked HR chatbot that offers a vast array of features for companies of all sizes. It allows organisations to reach out to potential candidates using their preferred channels of communication, and it helps them to automate tasks and manage conversations with recruits more easily. 

XOR does not offer upfront pricing details, and pricing varies based on the number of recruitment and HR seats the customer needs. Those who want more specific details will need to request a demo through XOR’s website.

Humanly is a helpful hiring chatbot that is personalised and easy to deploy. It allows you to automate a variety of important tasks, including screening, scheduling, and reference checking.

This chatbot is a particularly good fit for medium-sized businesses looking to streamline hiring and recruiting processes. The company does not disclose any pricing information upfront, though, so those who are interested will have to contact them through their website for more details.

Brazen is a popular chatbot used by big-name corporations like Amazon and Google. In addition to the basic chatbot offerings, it also provides users with a unique video FAQBot feature. This allows you to add videos to conversations and give more robust answers to potential candidates. Brazen also lets you customize your chatbot to better align with your brand.

Brazen does not have any pricing information readily available, but those who are interested can contact the company through its website to learn more.

Mya is another frequently used HR chatbot (it’s the one that produced such noteworthy results for L’oreal) that helps companies recruit faster, improve candidate experiences, and reduce hiring costs.

Mya allows for better, more efficient talent engagement and outreach, too. It integrates with a variety of candidate tracking systems, too, which makes for an even more seamless recruiting and hiring process. Pricing details for Mya are not readily available. Those who are interested will have to contact the company directly to request a demo and learn more. 

Wade and Wendy is another great hiring chatbot that automates recruiting and allows for 24/7 chatting with candidates. It sources, screens, and recommends candidates instantly, too. 

The Wade and Wendy chatbot is an excellent time-saver and is good for large companies looking to save time and make their recruiting efforts more efficient. Pricing isn’t available on Wade and Wendy’s website, so you’ll need to reach out to the company directly if you’re interested in giving it a try.

HR Chatbot Final Thoughts

Are you ready to invest in an HR chatbot? Do you think they’re less scary than they initially seemed? The right chatbot can revolutionize your company’s HR department and free your team up to focus on other important matters, all while helping you to feel confident that the hiring and recruiting process is being handled properly and professionally.

If you’re looking for an effective, fairly priced HR chatbot to help with hiring, look no further than the GrabJobs interview chatbot. Give it a try today to see how it works and what separates it from other chatbots on the market.

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