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With over 110 million residents 50 million of which are part of the country’s active labor force The Philippines is a nation of hard workers. For a place with considerably low cost of living rates and a steady GDP standing (currently ranked the 34th largest in the world), its presence on the global scale remains a force to be reckoned with. The current domestic growth is considerably strong especially for the Asia-Pacific region. While numerous global issues are affecting development prospects into 2024, The Philippines stands as a powerful force in Asia’s market, owing considerably to its hospitality industry.  

This article explores the state of the current hiring market in The Philippines, specifically the food and beverage industry. Here, you will learn how to go about hiring staff, how much chefs and waitstaff earn, and the top job websites for sourcing the best talent in the country.

How to Hire Restaurant Staff in The Philippines

Looking to hire staff in The Philippines? You may want to know where you stand, legally. And what processes to follow to avoid fines and violations.

Employment laws in The Philippines cover various frameworks that are designed to protect both employers and employees. The Labor Code of the Philippines, which is the primary legislation governing employment, covers areas such as mandatory benefits, working hours, wages, and termination procedures. It mandates that employees should receive minimum wage rates set by regional tripartite wage boards, and also be entitled to benefits like social security and healthcare coverage.

It also defines standard working hours per day or week and ensures overtime pay for hours that go beyond limits. The LCP also outlines specific grounds for lawful termination while protecting against unfair dismissal. Discrimination based on gender, age, religion, or disability is strictly prohibited under Philippine employment laws.

 The hiring process specifically is an equally protected and well-structured process of evaluating candidates and ensuring the selection of skilled individuals for jobs. Following the standard procedures of job posting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding in the country, the final stage typically involves reference checks or assessments such as aptitude tests or presentation tasks related to the role. This type of confirmation is not legally required in The Philippines, but it is highly recommended that businesses follow such procedures in order to keep themselves protected.

What are the Best Restaurant Job Sites in The Philippines?

If you are looking for work, or looking to hire restaurant staff in The Philippines, GrabJobs is the most useful and versatile online platform available. This cost-effective job board and recruitment solution is perfect for business owners looking to fill vacancies in bars, restaurants, and other venues thanks to its many features like auto-sourcing and candidate screening. And, with over 5,000 companies using GrabJobs for their staffing solutions, its local and international reach means that there are plenty of eyes on your job postings at any given time. As for candidates, auto-generated profiles mean that users can start applying for new jobs in seconds, making it ideal for businesses looking to hire quickly and easily. 

2. Bossjob

This premier online platform dedicated to connecting employers with top-level talent caters mostly to executive and leadership positions. However, it is still a great search tool for those looking for work in the hospitality and food and beverage industry. Bossjob features an impressive range of features, including advanced search filters that allow employers to easily narrow down their search based on specific qualifications and experience. Job seekers can put together in-depth profiles that include past work history, achievements, and education, helping employers to make informed decisions fast.

3. Indeed

A prominent job search portal for years Indeed links employers with qualified job seekers quickly and easily. Featuring a seamless interface that is easy to navigate, users can search thousands of job postings in The Philippines and respond by submitting their CVs. Employers can create simple and effective job ads for free (paid options are also available for businesses that hire often). And, due to the site’s global influence, it has one of the largest databases of clients available for restaurant owners who need to find qualified staff members, and fast.

4. POEA Jobs

POEA Jobs is a trusted platform that caters specifically to Filipinos seeking overseas employment opportunities. With its vast database of detailed job vacancies, the site provides an essential resource for both job seekers and employers from various industries, countries, and skill levels. One of the most notable features is its in-depth verification process for employers, ensuring that job postings are legitimate and trustworthy. It also includes valuable resources such as migration guides, labor policies, and worker assistance programs to support employees throughout their overseas journey. If you are a job seeker or employer in The Philippines looking to outsource restaurant work, POEA is a great place to start.

5. Jobstreet

JobStreet is a highly reputable and popular job search portal in The Philippines because of its numerous features and simplistic navigational layout. The platform connects employers with qualified job seekers easily and without hassle. Users simply share their CVs after combing through various job postings and landing on the options that are best suited to their skills and experience. Employers also have a dedicated tab for resources and posting capabilities.

6. Kalibrr

This online job-matching platform offers a seamless and efficient recruitment process for both employers and job seekers. Featuring a comprehensive database of job postings from various industries and sectors across the Philippines, Kalibrr also lets employers create company profiles, post vacancies, and filter through applicant resumes to find suitable candidates. Meanwhile, job seekers can create personalized profiles, upload their CVs, and apply for positions with just a few simple clicks. There are also useful resourcing tools like career articles, interview tips, and industry insights.

7. Mynimo

Mynimo is another reputable platform designed to help job seekers find employment opportunities in The Philippines. Users can easily navigate through various job categories on the site, upload their CVs, and apply for positions that match their qualifications. What sets Mynimo apart from other job portals is its extensive reach and vast network of employers nationwide. There are also valuable resources available such as career guidance articles and interview tips to help individuals finalize their job search journey.

8. Foundit

Formerly, this popular job site remains a must with audiences in many different Asian markets mainly because the listings are easy to look up and, for employers, posting about your vacancy is typically free (depending on the volume of posts you place). This quick and easy search tool is not only a great method for sourcing skilled hospitality workers in The Philippines, but also for students and recent grads who are looking for a place to start in the country’s food and beverage industry.

9. Jora

An essential online search platform throughout much of Asia, Jora is a popular source for hospitality jobs in The Philippines. Employers looking to hire qualified candidates can create detailed postings quickly and easily, while job seekers browse and filter opportunities based on their skill sets and experience.  Additional resourcing can be found on Jora’s blog for those looking to brush up on skills and CV writing.

10. LinkedIn

A global employment-based social platform, LinkedIn is primarily known for connecting executives and specialized industry players. However, despite the emphasis on networking at the senior level, it is still a valuable search option for those looking for work in the restaurant sector. Employers with LinkedIn accounts can post adverts in the “Jobs” tab of their company profile, and sit back as thousands of LinkedIn users reach out with inquiries and CVs.

11. Jobrapido

A leading job search engine website in The Philippines, Jobrapido features an efficient and comprehensive platform for users hoping to land work opportunities within various industries, especially in the food and beverage sector. Employers can put together detailed postings easily, while job seekers can browse and bookmark ads, and even set up email alerts and saved searches, making it convenient to stay updated about the latest changes in the market.

12. Craigslist

A popular and versatile website in many countries around the world, Craigslist is like a one-stop shop for Filipino employers looking to fill jobs, and qualified job seekers hoping to find work in the restaurant business. Posters can put together a free job ad and display their contact info, to which candidates can respond with CVs and inquiries about the company, salary, skills required, and location. In The Philippines, Craigslist remains one of the most effective sites for quick job searches in the country.

13. TipTopJob

This highly effective online job platform serves as a centralized hub for job seekers and employers. There is an extensive range of job opportunities across various industries advertised, most of which are targeted towards job seekers looking for local or international employment making it a perfect option for foreign workers). The intuitive site also offers helpful resourcing tools to users, including CV reviews, career advice articles, and interview tips to help candidates secure their dream jobs.

14. Glassdoor

Popular as a company review website, Glassdoor is a valuable hub for skilled workers and employers looking to hire them especially from within The Philippines’ hospitality sector. Business owners can easily post job openings and connect with candidates while offering transparency about their company using past and current employee reviews. Due to the brand’s global popularity, thousands of potential candidates are on the site at any given moment, making it perfect for quick hires.

15. Trovit

Trovit is a popular classifieds search engine servicing much of Asia. It allows users to search through job postings from different sources from across various industries, including the hospitality and food and beverage sectors. With its clean and user-friendly layout, Trovit is a convenient platform for job seekers and employers looking to make quick matches for restaurant and bar work. Users can also save searches, set up alerts for newly listed jobs from companies they like, and even share their findings with friends via social media channels.

What is the Average Salary for Chefs in The Philippines?

In The Philippines, the average salary for chefs depends on a variety of factors including experience, skill set, and location of the restaurant. Entry-level chefs those who are relatively new to the industry can typically expect to earn around PHP 20,000 to 25,000 per month (or PHP 240,000 to 300,000 per year). With more experience and time dedicated to honing their skills and growing their career, this salary range can increase to an average of PHP 30,000 to 40,000 per month. Alternatively, highly skilled and experienced chefs who work in high-end hotels or fine dining establishments in The Philippines can earn significantly larger salaries ranging from at least PHP 50,000 to 100,000 per month. Benefits such as food allowance and accommodations may also be provided in some cases.

What is the Average Hourly Rate for Waiters and Waitresses in The Philippines?

In 2023, the minimum wage in The Philippines increased to PHP 610 per day for workers in most industries. With that in mind, those working in the food and drink sector can typically expect to earn this same amount when working in a bar or restaurant. In heavily trafficked regions, including urban areas like Metro Manila, or popular tourist destinations like Boracay, rates for experienced waitstaff can range from PHP 60 to 120 per hour. Meanwhile, in more rural areas or smaller establishments, wages may be lower, and often rely heavily on tips as a significant part of their income. As with chefs in The Philippines, high-end restaurants tend to pay higher hourly rates or offer bonuses based on performance.

TOP 15: The Best Job Sites in The Philippines for Hiring Restaurant Staff

There you have it! A comprehensive and detailed look at the hiring process within The Philippines’ food and beverage industry. From sourcing and employing restaurant staff (both local and foreign) to the expected salaries of various front and back-of-house workers, plus, the 15 best job sites for searching for qualified talent you should have a much better understanding of where to start and how best to run your business. If you are a restaurant owner in The Philippines, you should check out GrabJobs for all your hiring needs.

There you have it! Fifteen popular job boards and employment portals in the Philippines. Now that you’ve got the best options available at your disposal, you should have a much easier time sourcing talent for your business. Happy hiring!

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