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Simply put: Singapore is a fantastically wealthy country with a high-income economy and a GDP growth rate that is among the largest in the world. It is also a major hub of technology, industry, and tourism––all of which contribute to these consistently high growth numbers. But the unsung hero of this tiny island nation is the food and beverage industry, which has plenty of room for expansion in the coming years.

This article explores the state of the current Singapore hiring market, specifically the food and beverage industry. Here, you will learn how to go about hiring staff, how much chefs and waitstaff earn, and the top job websites for sourcing the best talent in the country.

How to Hire Restaurant Staff in Singapore?

Looking to hire staff in Singapore? You may want to know where you stand, legally. And what processes to follow in order to avoid fines and violations.

As a whole, Singapore has a very well-regulated and robust framework of hiring laws that prioritizes fair employment practices and safeguards for both employees and employers. But some may say that one group is valued much more than the other. The main piece of legislation that governs the hiring process throughout the country is the Employment Act, which sets out various rules related to salary, working hours, leave entitlements, and termination.

Under this act, employers are required to provide written contracts to their employees within 14 days of starting work and ensure that wages are paid promptly. The Singapore government also places strong emphasis on preventing workplace discrimination by enacting laws such as the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) and the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. These regulations encourage employers to consider local talent before hiring foreign professionals, ensuring a level playing field for Singaporeans in the job market. Overall, Singapore’s relatively strict hiring laws reflect its commitment to maintaining a strong and inclusive workforce while protecting the rights of both workers and businesses.

When it comes to hiring restaurant staff specifically, the rules are governed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) which, like the FCF, share a goal of ensuring fair treatment and protection for both employees and employers. Restaurant owners in Singapore are required to adhere to specific regulations when hiring workers, such as obtaining valid work permits, conducting thorough background checks, and providing equal employment opportunities. The MOM enforces strict guidelines related to working hours, wages, rest days, and annual leave entitlements in order to safeguard the rights of workers. What’s more, employers must offer proper training and development opportunities for their restaurant staff members. Discrimination based on race, gender, or nationality is strictly prohibited under these laws. Stringent penalties, including fines and imprisonment, can be imposed upon employers found guilty of violating these regulations.

As you can tell, the laws that take place within the food and beverage industry in Singapore are swift and harsh. However, these hiring laws are in place to promote transparency, professionalism, and a safe working environment within the restaurant industry.

What are the Best Restaurant Job Sites in Singapore?

When it comes to hiring qualified hospitality workers in Singapore––or any workers, for that matter––GrabJobs is the best option. This cost-effective job board and recruitment solution is ideal for employers looking to fill vacancies in bars, restaurants, and other venues thanks to its many features, including auto-sourcing and candidate screening. Plus, with over 5,000 companies using GrabJobs for their staffing solutions, its wide reach means plenty of eyes are on your job postings at any given time. As for candidates, auto-generated profiles mean that users can start applying for new jobs in seconds, making it ideal for businesses looking to hire quickly and easily. 

2. JobsDB

This leading online platform connects job seekers in Singapore with potential employers within the hospitality industry. Boasting a user-friendly interface and massive CV database, the website offers a convenient and efficient way for individuals to search for employment opportunities, and for employers to post vacancies. JobsDB features a host of job listings that cater to different professional backgrounds, ranging from entry-level positions to executive roles. It also provides useful information about companies’ backgrounds, corporate culture, and employee benefits to help applicants make more informed decisions.

3. Jobscentral

Jobscentral is a renowned website that serves as an all-in-one platform for job seekers, employers, and recruitment agencies in Singapore. Users can explore a wide range of jobs listed on the site, which includes both local and international vacancies. It also provides valuable resources such as resume tips, interview advice, career guides, and industry insights to assist candidates in their search. Best of all, Jobscentral promotes collaboration by fostering meaningful connections between job seekers and employers through its networking events and community engagement initiatives. 

4. Mustakbil

Mustakbil is a highly favored, global online job portal that caters to the needs of professionals and job seekers in Singapore. Featuring an extensive database of local and international companies, Mustakbil offers a wide range of employment opportunities across multiple industries, as well as a range of beneficial features such as personalized job alerts, career counseling services, and the option to apply directly through the website. The platform also ensures high privacy standards by keeping personal information confidential.

5. JobStreet

JobStreet is a highly reputable and widely used job search portal in Singapore. The platform’s comprehensive layout and design are tailor-made for easily connecting employers with job seekers thanks to its easy navigation. JobStreet users can effortlessly search through various job postings and answer their favorites by submitting a CV.

6. FastJobs

With its commitment to delivering excellent service and connecting job seekers with quality employment opportunities seamlessly, FastJobs has established itself as a trusted go-to platform in Singapore’s professional market. It provides a seamless experience for users to search, apply, and post job listings effortlessly while boasting an extensive database of relevant positions across various industries.

7. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn, the globally recognized employment-based social platform is primarily known for linking executive and specialized industry players with one another, it is still a valuable search option for those looking for work in Singapore’s bustling food and beverage industry. Owing to its useful and widely used search tools, business owners can easily advertise vacancies––often just within their feed––by creating simple and effective job posts that can be linked to their business pages. Depending on the type of restaurant you have, and how often you hire, having a LinkedIn Business profile (for a fee) could come in very handy.  

8. Recruit

For those job posters and job seekers in Singapore who require a little extra help, Recruit is a great platform. Hundreds of jobs are added to the platform each week, while job seekers can add a simple resume to the platform and have employers contact them directly. For more advanced roles, the site is also helpful for connecting matches and facilitating screening and interviews. If you are looking for hospitality work in Singapore and don’t know where to start, Recruit can help!

9. Indeed

Indeed is a useful platform for Singaporean employers and job seekers alike. The simple user interface means that candidates can access job postings and respond with their CVs directly. Since the website is incredibly popular the world over, it has one of the largest databases of clients available for restaurant owners who need to find qualified staff members, and fast.

10. Glassdoor (Singapore)

More than just a repository for company reviews, Glassdoor is also a valuable platform for employers looking to hire hospitality talent across Singapore. Post job openings and connect with candidates easily while offering transparency about your company from past and current employees. Thanks to Glassdoor’s global reach, thousands of potential candidates are on the site at any given moment––making it perfect for quick hires.

11. Mycareersfuture

Mycareersfuture website is a comprehensive platform that offers valuable resources and opportunities for people seeking employment in Singapore. The website goes beyond traditional job portals by offering career insights, advice on skill upgrading programs, salary averages, and even personalized job recommendations. Mycareersfuture is an ideal placement and recruitment tool.

12. Foundit (Singapore)

Once, Foundit is now a major job site in Singapore popular with audiences in many different Asian markets––primarily because job listings are easy to look up and, for employers, posting about your vacancy is typically free. Foundit is not only a great tool for sourcing skilled laborers and restaurant workers, but also for students and recent grads who are looking for a place to start in the hospitality trade.

What is the Average Salary for Chefs in Singapore?

Working as a chef in Singapore requires more than just skill and experience. Singaporean cuisine features a rich array of spices and ingredients, primarily fish and other types of seafood. To be a truly successful chef means taking great pride not only in the work you do and the food you prepare, but also in those who grow the food, farm the food, and even serve the food.

The average salary for chefs varies greatly depending on factors such as experience, qualifications, and the type of establishment they work in. According to the latest research and industry reports, a professional chef with a few years of experience can expect to earn an average annual salary between S$30,000 and S$60,000. However, these figures can go higher for chefs working at high-end restaurants or those who hold prestigious positions within the culinary industry. Additionally, top-level executive chefs or renowned celebrity chefs may earn significantly more than the average. Singapore’s vibrant food scene and strong economy contribute to competitive salaries for talented chefs who possess exceptional skills and have demonstrated creativity in their craft. Ultimately, while the range of salaries for chefs in Singapore is quite broad, those with talent, experience, and passion can expect to be well-compensated for their expertise.

What is the Average Hourly Rate for Waiters and Waitresses in Singapore?

Despite the strict attention to detail regarding employment standards, interestingly, the minimum wage in Singapore, unlike many other countries, is not mandated by the government. Instead, it relies on a unique system of negotiations between employers, employees, and the state to establish fair wages (again, based on the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices). This approach allows for flexibility and adaptability to accommodate the diverse needs and economic conditions within different industries. As a result, wage levels vary across sectors and occupations. 

Singapore has implemented various policies such as the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) which ensures that low-wage workers earn sustainable incomes through training and upgrading programs. So, while there is no fixed minimum wage in Singapore, these comprehensive measures aim to promote fair wages while ensuring economic competitiveness and encouraging skills development among members of its workforce.

Regarding wages for Singaporean waitstaff working in the food and beverage industry, the average hourly rate, again, varies depending on factors such as experience, establishment type, and location. In general, the wage range is between S$8 to S$12 per hour. However, higher-end eateries (like those located inside luxury hotels) may offer higher hourly rates from S$10 to S$15 per hour.

Additional benefits such as tips and service charges may also be a contributing factor to a waiter’s overall earnings. Less experienced individuals might start at the lower end of the pay scale while those with extensive knowledge and expertise can negotiate for more competitive rates. Like in many other countries, waiters in Singapore also have significant employee perks like staff meals and training opportunities that enhance their skills and customer service abilities.

TOP 12: The Best Job Sites in Singapore for Hiring Restaurant Staff

There you have it! A comprehensive and detailed look at the hiring process within Singapore’s food and beverage industry. From sourcing and employing restaurant staff (both local and foreign) to the expected salaries of various front and back-of-house workers, plus, the 12 best job sites for searching for qualified talent, you should have a much better understanding of where to start and how best to run your business. Restaurant owners in Singapore: Check out GrabJobs for all your hiring needs.

There you have it! Twelve popular job boards and employment portals in Singapore. Now that you’ve got the best options available at your disposal, you should have a much easier time sourcing talent for your business. Happy hiring!

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