Recruitment Trends #5 – Employer Branding Geared Towards Adaptability & Resilience

Top Recruitment Trend #5 - Employer Branding geared toward Adaptability & Resilience. Learn more about the best practices to expect in 2022.

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What We Learned from 2020

Employer Branding, with an emphasis on company adaptability and resilience, will also be one of the noteworthy recruitment trends of 2021. The pandemic exposed a lot of systemic flaws within many organizations. Companies reacted to these unique, unprecedented circumstances in very different ways.

Some companies quickly resorted to cost-cutting through layoffs, left workers unpaid, or shut down different business outlets. Others managed to cope more successfully, either as essential businesses continuing to engage in business as usual or rapidly adapting their business model to meet new demands.

Companies that Adapted Fast During the Pandemic and Treated Employees Fairly Will Be the Winners in 2022

As we begin to see the dust settle and gauge the post-pandemic future with greater clarity, employer branding will be increasingly important to new hires in 2021. Candidates will be looking especially closely at a company’s resilience and ability to adapt in the long term. Those who lost their jobs at the height of coronavirus-related uncertainty will not be keen to repeat that traumatic experience. Candidates looking for more secure employment will do so very carefully. Consequently, it will be necessary for new hires to see that they will be valued within an organization and treated fairly. In fact, 75% of job seekers will take an employer’s brand into account before even applying for a position. News of Amazon’s unfair treatment of their workers throughout the pandemic, for example, traveled fast. Strikes and bad press continue to swirl around Amazon’s leadership as they collect record profits and leave workers to fend for themselves in unsafe conditions without hazard pay. Glassdoor found that 69% of Americans wouldn’t take a job with a company that had a bad reputation even if they were unemployed. Eighty-four percent would consider leaving their current position with only a marginal salary increase if the new company had an excellent reputation. Maintaining a healthy employer brand image helps companies attract the best talent, reduce recruitment costs, and improves employee retention.

How Can You Enhance Employer Branding in 2022?

Here are some practical ways to strengthen employer branding with an emphasis on company adaptability and resilience:

  1. Internal & External communication: Regularly surveying existing employees and new hires can help you develop and assess employer branding. Organizations can also use external sources, like Glassdoor, to see company ratings and employee reviews, to gauge employer branding.
  2. Showcase how your company adapted to the crisis: Resilience is critical, and new hires want to make sure that they secure stable, long-term employment. They’ll want to see how you managed the uncertainty, rose to meet the challenges faced by your industry, and how you cared for your workers throughout this pandemic.
  3. Highlight your business continuity plans: Change management is vital. High-quality candidates will be curious to know what your contingency plans for the future may be. Expect this to be a common theme that candidates may ask about when you open the floor for questions during an interview.

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