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The United States, the most powerful country in many unique ways and boasting the largest population in the Western world at around 330 million, presents a unique opportunity for those looking to hire restaurant staff. Of that number, nearly 170 million are part of the nation’s robust workforce, making it an ideal market for hospitality recruitment. This is one of the many factors contributing to the US being one of the planet’s largest and healthiest economies

In a nation comprised of 50 individual states spanning nearly 10 million square kilometers, and also one that is the second most visited country, it goes without saying that there are a lot of places to eat. For business owners in the food and drink industry, sourcing talent is important. But so too is sourcing them correctly and legally.

This article explores the state of the current hiring market in The United States, specifically the food and beverage industry. Here, you will learn how to go about hiring staff, how much chefs and waitstaff earn, and the top job websites for sourcing the best talent in the country.

How to Hire Restaurant Staff in The USA

Looking to hire staff in the United States? You may want to know where you stand, legally. And what processes to follow in order to avoid fines and violations.

When it comes to hiring staff, employers play a crucial role in shaping the American workforce and driving economic growth. They are responsible for selecting candidates who possess the necessary skills and qualifications. But more importantly, employers must provide equal employment opportunities by adhering to anti-discrimination laws and promoting diversity and inclusion within their organizations. In the United States, workplace safety, pay and benefits, and other legal requirements for employers onboarding new hires fall under the discretion of the Department of Labor.

Affirmative action, veterans, hiring foreign workers, and hiring workers under the age of 18 all have rulings outlined and enforced at the federal level meaning that employers have a responsibility to know these laws before advertising job vacancies within their companies.

What are the Best Restaurant Job Sites in The USA?

American job seekers and business owners looking to connect can make it happen on GrabJobs, the most convenient and versatile tool for sourcing hospitality work. Not only is it a cost-effective online job board and recruitment platform, but it also includes useful, time-saving features like auto-sourcing and candidate screening to get positions filled quickly and easily. Plus, with over 5,000 companies using GrabJobs for their staffing solutions, its local and international reach means that there are plenty of eyes on your job postings at any given time. Auto-generated profiles mean that job seekers can start applying for new roles in seconds, making it ideal for businesses looking to hire quickly and easily. 

2. ZipRecruiter

A popular American job search and recruitment platform, ZipRecruiter connects employers with potential candidates using a simple layout that allows posters to share job vacancies with a vast pool of qualified individuals. ZipRecruiter provides tools for screening applicants, managing interviews, and tracking hiring processes simply and efficiently. Its comprehensive database enables employers to filter candidates based on specific criteria such as education, experience, and location, saving time and minimizing effort.

3. Jobvertise

With its powerful search capabilities, Jobvertise lets job seekers easily browse through thousands of job postings from various industries. There are advanced filters that allow users to refine their search based on location, salary, experience level, and specific keywords; plus, personalized email alerts keep users informed about the latest job opportunities matching their criteria. Employers can post their job openings, manage applications, and evaluate suitable candidates efficiently.

4. The Muse

A comprehensive platform that connects professionals with their ideal careers, The Muse bills itself as a place for job seekers looking for work where the “people, perks, and values align with your needs”. What sets this site apart is its commitment to demystifying the job search process by offering helpful resources and personalized advice to job seekers. The homepage is sleek and colorful, creating an unfussy layout for users to browse curated listings across various industries. The Muse goes beyond traditional job boards by providing insightful career articles, expert interviews, and professional development tips, empowering candidates to never settle for less.

5. Glassdoor

To many American employers and job seekers, Glassdoor is more than just a site for unbiased company reviews. It is also a useful and versatile platform for restaurant business owners looking to hire hospitality talent across the country. Using the site’s simple layout and basic service option, hiring managers can post job openings and connect with qualified candidates easily while offering transparency about their company from past and current employees. And because of Glassdoor’s global reputation, thousands of potential candidates are on the site at any given moment making it perfect for quick hires.

6. Indeed

Simple and easy, Indeed is a popular platform for US employers and job seekers looking to connect. The clean web layout means that candidates can access job postings and respond with their resumes directly in a snap browsing control is vast and covers every industry and trade imaginable. Plus, given the site’s global popularity, it continues to have one of the largest databases of clients available for restaurant workers.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often considered a go-to source for users looking to find employment updates on their connections in a social media-type platform. And for good reason: its seamless interface and clearly defined tabs make searching for a job easy. For employers, if your business has a profile, uploading job vacancies is equally simple if you have a LinkedIn Business account, even more so. Add salaries, work expectations, and employee benefits to your posts (or even post your vacancy in your feed to reach everyone in your connections list) and start receiving resumes in no time.

8. Monster

An innovator in online job search portals, Monster has been a popular source for finding work for years. With its user-friendly layout and solid database of job listings across various industries and locations, Monster provides an efficient and convenient channel for professionals to connect with employers.  Over the years, the website has added intuitive tools and features, enabling users to refine their job search criteria based on specific factors, What’s more, there is also an array of resources designed to support candidates (employers and potential employees) at all stages of their career and hiring journeys.

9. Snagajob

In addition to its large database of job postings, Snagajob offers an array of helpful resources such as resume-building tips, interview advice, and career guidance articles, all aimed at maximizing users’ chances of securing employment. What sets the platform apart is its focus on hourly work, catering to part-time workers or those seeking flexibility in their schedules (perfect for restaurant workers).

10. Getwork

Getwork is a highly efficient and reliable website that caters to job seekers from various industries. With its comprehensive database of listings (millions of them!), it has become a new go-to platform for professionals looking to expand their career options. Getwork is great for employers looking to source dedicated, qualified talent from across the US, and candidates can be assured that the site thoroughly vets all companies before listing their vacancies.

11. Handshake

Designed specifically for college students and recent graduates looking to get their start on a wrung of the ladder, this website provides an extensive database of part-time jobs and full-time positions across many industries but especially the hospitality sector. Intuitive search functions allow users to filter job postings by location and company size; Handshake also offers personalized recommendations based on each job seeker’s profile and preferences. A highly thoughtful and detailed platform, Handshake is a great resource for employers looking to find new and hungry restaurant staff eager to grow.

12. Google For Jobs

Google for Jobs is an innovative and relatively new online employment website developed by Google to revolutionize the job search process. A centralized platform that aggregates listings from various sites, it also includes company career pages, job boards, and third-party websites to provide job seekers with a more seamless and in-depth experience. Employers can also use Google’s algorithms to optimize their listings to appear higher in search results, ensuring that they attract the best talent for their restaurant jobs.

13. Post Job Free

Postjobfree is a simple and easy-to-use online platform that connects job seekers with potential employers using comprehensive search functionalities. The site not only allows users to easily filter through thousands of listings based on location, salary, and job title, but it also enables employers to minimize their job posting time, making it easy to advertise vacancies and share with a large database of qualified users.

14. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a great online site for restaurant workers throughout the US. With an extensive database featuring millions of job listings across various industries, the platform uses advanced search algorithms and filters, enabling job seekers to tailor their searches based on specific criteria. There is also a comprehensive blog section, offering tips on resume writing, interview techniques, and career advice.

15. Craigslist

A virtual one-stop shop for localized job searching (as well as classifieds, real estate, and personal connections), Craigslist has been a popular lifestyle hub since 1995. Job seekers in America looking for restaurant or hospitality work can hop on to their local Craigslist site browse quick and easy job postings and reach out to the poster with resumes and salary expectations. It remains one of the most effective sites for quick job searches in the country.

What is the Average Salary for Chefs in The USA?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for chefs and head cooks in The USA is $50,000 to 70,000 per year. However, this is based on several factors including individual experience, business location, and the type of establishment they work in. It is worth noting that top-tier chefs working in high-end restaurants, or five-star hotels can often command higher salaries ranging from $70,000 to $100,000 or more per year. For those just starting out, entry-level chefs and those working in fast-food chains can expect to earn about $30,000 to $40,000 annually.

Despite a national minimum wage, geographic location plays a significant role in determining chef salaries. Metropolitan areas in states like New York, Texas, California, and Florida, with a higher cost of living, often have correspondingly higher salaries compared to rural regions.

What is the Average Hourly Rate for Waiters and Waitresses in The USA?

Like chefs, waitstaff and similar restaurant employees, have salaries based on various factors. In The USA, the average hourly rate for waiters and waitresses in the United States is approximately $15.00 per hour (or about $31,000 per year). However, there is a significant range within this average, with some earning minimum wage (currently, $7.25 per hour) or less in states where the tipped minimum wage applies, while others may earn much higher wages in high-end restaurants or establishments located in areas with a higher cost of living. Additionally, tips play a crucial role in an American server’s income. It can greatly supplement their overall earnings, and it can also be unpredictable and fluctuate depending on factors such as customer satisfaction. Overall, tips are heavily relied upon by most waiters and waitresses across the country.

TOP 15: The Best Job Sites in The USA for Hiring Restaurant Staff

There you have it! A comprehensive and detailed look at the hiring process within The USA’s food and beverage industry. From sourcing and employing restaurant staff (both local and foreign) to the expected salaries of various front and back-of-house workers, plus, the 15 best job sites for searching for qualified talent you should have a much better understanding of where to start and how best to run your business. If you are a restaurant owner in The USA, you should check out GrabJobs for all your hiring needs.

There you have it! Fifteen popular job boards and employment portals in the USA. Now that you’ve got the best options available at your disposal, you should have a much easier time sourcing talent for your business. Happy hiring!

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