Recruitment Trend #3 – Increase in Global Talent Sourcing

Reviewing the highest stats

What we learned from 2020

In September, Enterprise Technology Research conducted a survey of top CIOs from a broad sampling of 1,200 companies in various industries worldwide. While about 72% of their global workforce currently works from home, they expect that 34.4% of their companies’ workforce will continue to work from home through 2021, or double the number of people who worked remotely before the pandemic. Forbes predicts that we’ll see a 300% increase from pre-pandemic numbers in the number of people who choose to work remotely.

Overall, IT decision-makers have been pleased with the efficiency and productivity of remote workers. Once hiring freezes are released and companies have the opportunity to invest in additional IT infrastructure, many indicate that hiring an increasingly remote workforce will continue to be a priority.

Work-from-home has broken down borders

Location is no longer a limiting factor for employers or employees. This has given rise to an increase in global talent sourcing and the desire to hire remote workers. Since the only constraint is now a stable high-speed internet connection, why not choose from the widest pool of capable talent?

Global talent sourcing opens up tremendous opportunities for remote worker, especially as companies work to hire the best people in a given field. Embracing this recruitment trend in 2021 will continue to put employers in the best position to acquire the best talent.

How do you source candidates globally?

The most effective way to incorporate global talent sourcing is by working with online job portals. You can automate job posting on sites worldwide and go from there to stay on top of this current recruitment trend. Here are the top five global job portals where you should begin talent sourcing:

  1. GrabJobs.co
    GrabJobs is one of the top global job boards, operating in more than 24 major countries. Employers can connect with millions of applicants who are searching through thousands of available positions. On GrabJobs, employers enjoy an efficient, cutting edge recruitment automation platform that helps you eliminate repetitive, traditional hiring tasks.
  2. Indeed.com
    Indeed is a well-known job site that boasts over 250 million unique visitors each month, ideal for global talent sourcing. Employers have over 25 million jobs listed on Indeed, with the opportunity to sponsor listings to attract the best talent. Indeed also offers a programmatic job advertising platform called Indeed IQ.
  3. Linkedin.com
    Linkedin started as a professional landing page for individuals to manage their own personal brand. The platform has evolved to meet individuals’ and companies’ business needs and desires. Browsing users’ LinkedIn profiles enables companies to identify top talent and offer those people various employment opportunities.
  4. Jooble.com
    Jooble is an online job board dedicated to global candidate sourcing. With over 1.5 million jobs listed, Jooble.com is a great way to search for candidates looking for their dream job.
  5. Talent.com
    Talent is an online job board dedicated to global candidate sourcing. Although talent.com does not offer native recruitment automation, it does integrate with other automated recruitment services. They help to match over 75 million monthly visitors worldwide with employment opportunities, including individuals looking to work from home.

In addition, companies will likely continue to attract top talent through social media platforms and virtual career fairs. Capitalizing on global talent sourcing is one of the most important recruitment trends that we can learn from 2020 moving forward.

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Valentin Berard

Valentin Berard

COO at GrabJobs. Valentin leads strategic and operational activities regionally. Background in Business Development and Recruitment. Passionate about social innovation, he constantly strives to find solutions to real world problems through harnessing smart technology. Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/valeberard/

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