Ultimate Guide for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees in Singapore

Looking to Hire Employees in Singapore? Check our Ultimate Guide for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees in Singapore and start hiring today!

Ultimate Guide for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees in Singapore

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According to Singapore’s Minister of Manpower, Tan See Leng, the country’s unemployment rate is almost back to where it was pre-pandemic. The unemployment rate currently sits at 0.8 percent. It was 0.7 percent before the pandemic took hold.

As Singapore’s unemployment rate drops, its labor shortage has become less of an issue. However, many small and medium enterprises or SMEs are still looking to hire new employees.  

If this is the case for you, use this guide as a starting point. Here, you’ll find a series of small business recruiting tips, job ad templates to help you attract better candidates, and a list of benefits platforms like GrabJobs can provide.

Top 8 Tips for Small Businesses Looking to Hire Employees in Singapore

A solid recruiting strategy is necessary for small businesses looking to hire employees. If your Singapore-based SME is struggling to recruit top-quality candidates, here are eight tips that can help:

1. Upgrade Your Job Ads

Often, the job ads you post online are people’s first introduction to your company. This situation is particularly widespread among SMEs that might be newer businesses or might not have a lot of name recognition. 

You can’t just throw something together and hope for the best to catch the right people’s attention and attract suitable applicants to your ad. You need to write a compelling job ad that clearly explains the position and sells it to job seekers. 

2. Write with Target Candidates in Mind

When writing job ads, think about the kind of job seeker you want to read them.

Are they Singapore residents, or are they located in another country? Do they want to work from home or be part of a dynamic office space?

Consider your target candidates job seeking goals, then write your job ads in a way that meets them.

3. Encourage Skills Development

Part of recruiting great employees is creating a positive, supportive work environment for them to join. In other words, you can’t have an effective recruitment strategy without also taking care of your current employees.

One way to check both boxes is to offer more skills development and training opportunities. If job seekers know you will support them in their career expansion goals, they’ll be encouraged to learn more about your business and apply for open positions. 

4. Improve Your Employer Brand

Your business’s reputation dramatically impacts your ability to attract and retain top talent. If you’re struggling with recruiting, your employer brand might be part of the problem.

Consider the kind of impression you’re making with your current marketing strategy. Then, talk to your team about how you can build your brand and make it more enticing to current job seekers.

5. Hire for Potential

Don’t get so hung up on a candidate’s current skill set or training that you forget to consider their potential. This is one of the most critical small business recruiting tips we recommend following.

Think about people’s potential and enthusiasm, not just what they can currently do. Someone eager to learn will likely be a better fit and a more loyal employee than someone who thinks they know it all.

6. Prioritize Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement is about building solid relationships with candidates throughout the recruitment journey.

The better your relationship with each candidate, the more likely they will stick with you during the hiring process. If they get hired, they’ll also start their new job on a better foot since they feel better connected to your company. 

Make sure you’re taking steps to increase candidate engagement. Stay in touch with every applicant, let them know where they are in the hiring process, and make sure you’re available to respond to questions promptly.

7. Consider Hiring from Within

You don’t always have to hire externally. Sometimes, the right candidate for the job already works for your company!

When looking for someone to fill a position, consider opening up the option to people you currently employ. 

8. Use the Right Technology

You don’t have to do everything by hand. Using applicant tracking systems and hiring software helps you track candidates, increase engagement, and fill vacancies faster. 

3 Job Posting Ideas and Templates for SMEs Looking to Hire Employees

Singapore-based SMEs looking to hire employees can also benefit from job posting templates to help them write better job ads. If you have difficulty writing compelling job ads, here are three templates you can start using today:

Template 1: Internal Job Posting

Internal job postings get circulated throughout your company so current employees can learn about the open position and apply. Here’s a template to help you draft an effective internal job posting:

Internal Job Opening: [Insert job title]

We currently have a vacancy for a [insert job title] in our [insert department]. We strongly encourage current employees interested in the role to apply.

Our new [insert title] will work on the [insert team] and be responsible for [insert two or three primary responsibilities].

To be considered for this role, you must have [insert essential requirements].

Click here [insert link to job ad] for a complete job description.

To apply for this role, email [insert email address] by [date] with your resume and explain why you’re a good fit for this position.

Feel free to contact our HR team [include contact details] with questions about the position or the process.

What Works?

This job posting is brief yet specific. Because it’s going to current employees, you don’t need to include details about the company or its mission. You can get straight to the point and give people need-to-know information only.

How to Use This Template

Use this template to send an email or post an internal hiring message on your company’s message board.

Template 2: External Job Posting

External job postings get posted on job search sites, classified ad sites, and other hiring platforms. This template will help you craft an excellent external job posting in no time:

Company Name

Company Description

  • Brief company history
  • Explanation of company values and mission 

Position Title

  • E.g., Marketing manager, Sales team lead

Department Name

  • E.g., marketing department, sales department

Position Description

  • Outlines key responsibilities
  • Explains how the candidate will help the company achieve its mission and goals

Salary and Benefits

  • Salary range and specific benefits the position offers

Education Requirements and Qualifications

  • Essential education requirements and other qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

  • Highlight qualifications that are nice to have but not necessary

What Works?

This external job ad offers specific information about the position and clarifies the education and skills the candidate must have. It provides a simple framework you can tailor to various positions and employers. 

How to Use This Template

Use this template as a jumping-off point to write a job ad for an external posting site.

Template 3: Social Media Job Posting

Many companies post job ads on social media before even advertising on hiring sites or recruitment platforms these days. Here’s a simple template you can use to draft your next social media job posting:

Social Media Post

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a [insert job] to join our [insert department]. As a [insert job], you will be responsible for [insert two or three key responsibilities]. If you want to be part of a [insert adjectives that describe your company culture] company, click the link below and apply today.

[insert link to application] 

What Works?

This post is clear and direct. It lets you easily communicate with your followers about an opening at your company. It’s short and sweet, so people are likely to read and consider it instead of scrolling past. 

How to Use This Template

Use this framework to create a social media post advertising an opening at your company. Tailor it to the specific position, the type of person you hope to recruit, etc.

8 Benefits of Using GrabJobs as a Small Business or SME Looking to Hire Employees

GrabJobs is one of the best tools for small businesses looking to hire employees. GrabJobs is a 

powerful hiring platform that helps with everything from writing job ads to scheduling interviews. 

The following are eight of the most significant benefits GrabJobs offers:

1. Reach Millions of Job Seekers

GrabJobs has a massive global audience. When you post ads using this platform, you can reach millions of people, including many Singapore-based job seekers.

Because GrabJobs has such a large audience, it’s easier to connect with people who might be good fits for the open positions at your SME. A large audience often means you can also speed up the hiring process. 

2. Try the Platform Risk-Free

GrabJobs provides all new users with a free 14-day trial. Because there’s no credit card number required, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

You have various affordable options if you decide to invest in a paid GrabJobs plan. For example, the price for the “Starter” plan is just $58 per month, and the “Growth” plan is just $83 per month.

3. Access Templates for Better Ads

If you suspect that your job ads are holding you back from attracting qualified candidates, GrabJobs has got you covered.

When you use GrabJobs, you’ll gain access to a collection of job description templates and job ad examples to help you improve your approach and cater to your target audience.

These tools can help you write many different types of job ads, whether you’re looking for a web developer or an executive assistant.

4. Improve Candidate Engagement

It can be hard to boost candidate engagement or maintain high candidate engagement rates when you do everything manually.

With a tool like GrabJobs, you can easily track candidates throughout the application process and stay connected with them.

These features ensure that the candidates will not forget about you while you meet with others. They help them gain a better view of your business as well.

5. Connect with Candidates at All Times

GrabJobs uses chatbots to answer frequently asked questions. With the help of chatbots, you can feel connected to your candidates at all times, even when you’re not near your computer or phone.

If someone has a question during the application process, the chatbot can answer it immediately. This fast response boosts engagement while saving you from constantly being ready to respond.

6. Easily Post Ads on Multiple Sites

If you want to post ads on multiple sites but don’t want to manually input the information for every job post, use GrabJobs. GrabJobs lets you post ads on over 20 websites with just one click.

Expanding your reach helps you connect to more job seekers sooner, enabling you to find the right fit immediately.

7. Tailor Ads to Target Candidates

GrabJobs features a variety of filters for job seekers to narrow their search when looking for open positions. For example, they can search based on salary, job type, location, education requirements, etc.

When you post ads on GrabJobs, you can take advantage of these filters and ensure your job ad shows up when people check certain boxes. For example, if you want to cater to job seekers in a specific part of Singapore, you can include that information in your ad.

8. All Kinds of Employers Can Advertise

From startup companies looking to hire their first employee to medium-sized businesses that need extra hands on deck, GrabJobs caters to various business owners. It gives them access to unparalleled recruiting tools and helps them find the best fit for any position.

SMEs Looking to Hire Employees: Check Out Grabjobs Today!

With Singapore’s unemployment rate steadily decreasing, the future looks bright for SMEs looking to hire employees and expand their businesses.

Are you ready to level up your hiring process and recruit the most suitable candidates? Start by implementing the strategies discussed in this guide.

Remember that GrabJobs is also here to help with affordable plans, a robust collection of resources, and impressive features.

Do you want to see what GrabJobs can do for you and your SME? Sign up today for a free two-week trial!

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